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Andro and ProHormones

You can find all the best prohormones and muscle builders we carry at super low prices. We have new pro hormones like the Hdrol replacement Halo-Plex and Pro-Mag just to name a few. If you are looking to gain muscle - get HUGE - or need a good post cycle therapy supplement we can help!

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Countless individuals have already felt the invigorating touch of a prohormone supplement. If you have yet to find a reason to try out a prohormone supplement for yourself, now is the time to do it. To help maximize your physical performance and muscular growth, a prohormone is a substance that is a precursor to a hormone. To put it simply, a prohormone helps to further enhance the production of a hormone already being produced in the body. Since hormones help to control muscular and physical growth, you can see why so many individuals find their prohormones to be a vital part of their supplemental routine.



Prohormone Reviews:

 Halo-Plex:Halo Plex Prohormone

 Halodrol is my favorite prohormone to cycle. Its effective and I get results everytime. The reason why I keep coming back to it is because of the dry lean gains that I get and little to no estrogen conversion.

- Chris


 Halo Plex is the same compound as H-Drol but I can still get my hands on it. Thanks Supplementotgo.com for supplying for my prohormone needs. I think halodrol clones are the best on the market.

- Venny


 This stuff definetly needs a PCT but its worth every penny. I get a little water retention, but I stick with it because of the size and strength that I put on in one month.

 - Steven


 Epi-Plex: Epi Plex

 I am a 'skinny' guy and I am not trying to be a bodybuilder, but its hard for me to put on muscle. Epistane Clones are great for me because it doesn't make me bloated but puts on muscle. Epi-Plex is a reasonable price and works well for me.

- Luke


I am what you would call a hard gainer, when cycling Epi-Plex and a mass gainer protein I was able to put on 10lbs of solid muscle in a month. I don't know if this usual but I am not complaining. I will definietly keep using this stuff. Make sure to use a mild PCT afterwards.

- Devon


 Pro Mag 25: Pro Mag

I have been running pro hormones for sometime and I like getting a little water retention while I am on cycle, promagnon clones are a good way for me to stay looking big and putting on strength. This product is not for beginners and  definetly needs a PCT.

- Ro


 I like to lift heavy and I am not too concerned about being shredded, I would much rather be strong than pretty. Pro Mag is a great prohormone for putting on strength and size, Make sure to use a PCT.

- Don




Visit supplementstogo.com to find the strongest prohormones and learn about buying prohormones and learn about what makes prohormones legal. Have a Prohormone review? We'd love to hear it.


People often ask what is the best prohormone on the market in 2012? We’ve learned a lot about what a person should take if they want to use prohormone products and what they shouldn’t use. The things that we used to think are no longer valid and the prohormones we thought were useless might in fact be our best choices. What it comes down to is your goals and what you are willing to sacrifice.


There is still gray market prohormones for sale on the market like some of them mentioned on this site. These grey market pro hormones like hdrol, mdrol, epistane, megadrol and superdrol were once considered the best prohormone on the market to gaining muscle with these kinds of compounds. Unfortunately, pro hormone reviews have us rethinking what we know about these compounds. These gray market compounds may in fact give you immediate muscle gains, but they unfortunately come with some side effects that you don’t want.


What the industry is finding actually makes a lot of sense and it’s very similar to what the steroid community is finding out - natural is best. Steroid users are routinely turning to testosterone opposed to exotic anabolic steroids like dianabol and winny-v. This is because testosterone is already in your body, therefore it doesn’t have the negative effects that these synthetic steroids like dianabol have. The best Prohormones that are naturally occurring in the food supply, the body and other natural sources are typically safer, more effective at building quality muscle and of course legal! These hormones that are found naturally in our food supply can be concentrated to give a man, over 21 the boost in androgens that he needs to live a quality life in 2012.


These natural supplements are more necessary now than ever before. Men have been supplementing with “hormones” for thousands of years. Ancients knew that eating testicles would give them a boost in focus, intensity and quality of life. These testicles contain a rich source of natural androgens which is why they were prized. In 2012 this natural supplementation is even more necessary than ever, since “xeno-estrogens” are everywhere. Things like BPA which is all the talk, act like estrogens in the male body, making the need for BALANCE a necessity. You can’t get these xeno-estrogens out of the food and water. They are everywhere, so the only way to achieve proper balance is the health promoting benefits of legal pro hormone.


Gray market prohormone supplements will indeed put 12-20lbs of muscle on your in a 3-4 week cycle, but the man that uses these runs the risk of jeopardizing his health. There are numerous lawsuits and medical reports of men having their livers damaged with some of these gray market cocktails. The people who sell these have no knowledge of what is safe and effective and it’s showing in the amount of people hurt by these supplements. If used right, I believe that all hormone products are safe but with these gray market dealers making dangerous, stupid cocktails, it’s best to avoid them. Also, you will find that you won’t keep more than 4 or 5 lbs of that 20 you gained so why bother risking your health for 3 weeks of muscle.


Legal, natural prohormones can give you results that are sane and ones that you can keep. If estrogen consumption is going up every decade, you NEED to take the best prohormone to balance out your body. Here is a fractional list of estrogens in food, chemicals and packaging:


Pesticides & Herbicides such as DDT, endosulfan, dieldrin, methoxychlor, kepone, toxaphene, chlordane, and other chlorinated hydrocarbons. DDT is banned in the U.S. Baby roosters exposed to DDT grew up looking like hens. It is present in imported fruit and vegetables and thus we eat it often.


Farms, lawns and golf courses use pesticides and herbicides that easily enter the body through the skin and lungs. Golf courses use 7 times the amount of pesticides than farmers use.


In a Dartmouth University study, the researchers found that plastic wrap with olive oil heated in a microwave produced a concentration of xenoestrogens 500,000 times the minimum amount of estrogen needed to produce breast cancer cell proliferation in a test tube.


Bishphenol-A contamination was also found in the majority of canned food as high as 27 times the minimum amount of estrogen needed to stimulate breast cancer cells to grow in the test tube


Ordinary Household Products such as breakdown products from laundry detergent and dish detergent that include nonylphenol, octylphenol and spermicide.


Industrial chemicals such a PCB’s (polycholrinated biphenyls) and other lubricants are estrogenic.


Commercially raised meat such as pork, chicken and beef contain estrogen in their feed which can be transmitted to humans.


Preservatives used in skin lotions, shampoos, and body lotions such as the parabens that include methyl paraben, ethyl paraben, proply paraben, butyl paraben.


Estrogen drugs like birth control pills go directly into the water supply and are implicated in fish and alligators born as males, developing female genitals.


Prohormone Review


1) What are prohormones?


These are products that raise the levels of the male hormones testosterone (Androdiol) and 19-nortestosterone (Norandrodiol). They contain metabolic precursors that your body transforms into the active hormones.These are known as a mass construction prohormone. Continue reading to find out more.


2) What benefits will these products have for me?


These male hormones are very capable of raising your energy and mood levels, your libido, and can aid in the development of lean body mass and strength. Many of our best prohormone supplements have these benefits. Each pro-hormone functions in the body differently, so it is important to do your research to find out which one works best for you.


3) What are the differences between Nor and Andro products?


Andro prohormones products convert to testosterone; the male hormone responsible for male secondary side effects including muscle growth. Nor prohormones convert to 19-nortestosterone which is a hormone that shares the muscle building (anabolic) activity of testosterone, while having only a fraction of the androgenic (male virilizing) activity. Male virilizing effects include effects on the prostate and body and scalp hair. Norandrodiol will not stimulate the central nervous system like Androdiol. Furthermore, it will not have the positive effects on libido and aggressiveness like its Androdiol counterpart. This does not mean that Androdiol is inferior, only different. Many athletes have reported positive results from the combined use of Norandrodiol and Androdiol


4) How should I take the "Cyclo" products?


The tablets should be taken orally up to four times per day, dissolved under the tongue. No food or beverage should be consumed for at least 20 minutes after the lozenge fully dissolves. The doses should be spread apart as much as possible (i.e. every 4 hours). It may also be advantageous to take a dose before exercising.


5) What are the risks, if any, from these products?


There are surprisingly few risks from these products, provided you are a male in relatively good health. A recent peer reviewed university study has shown that after four weeks of consuming these substances, there were no negative effects on any biochemical parameters, including no effects on the bodies own testosterone production. People who should not consume these products are males under the age of 18, or men with prostate cancer or any other androgen related disorders.


6) What kind of pro hormone product should I take, how long should I take them for, and how long should I wait in between cycles?


That depends on a lot of factors. If you are concerned about maintaining your own testosterone production fully then you should stick to shorter cycles of two to three weeks, with two to three weeks off time in between cycles.


If you wish to maximize results, then cycles of 4 to 8 weeks are recommended, followed by 4 to 6 weeks off. This time is to allow endogenous testosterone production to fully re-establish


7) What is the best product if I am only interested in a pre-workout boost?


The best products for this purpose would be the intraoral spray or the cyclo lozenges. These products get into your system fast, and keep hormones elevated for a length of time that will last throughout a normal workout. We recomend that the best Pro Hormone for pre workouts are either T-911 or anything from Advanced Muscle Science.


8) Should a woman take these products? If so, how would they do so?


Women can take the nor prohormones if they keep their cycles shorter than 4 weeks. The recommended female cycle is one to three cyclo-nordiol a day for two to four weeks, followed by four to six weeks off. Women should be aware of any abnormal facial hair growth, clitoral enlargement, and voice lowering. If these appear to be happening the product should be discontinued to avoid any lasting androgenic physical changes. Masculinization is very rare with proper usage of this product, however, it is best to be cautious and aware just in case. Women usually receive excellent results with nor prohormones and are often tempted to try more than is recommended. We strongly urge women to avoid this temptation.


9) Will good prohormones give me breasts, zits, or a cue ball head?


The issue of side effects has to be addressed in a straightforward manner. The issue of gynecomastia, or bitch tits, is one that is related to increases in serum estrogen. Luckily, the diol prohormones do NOT elevate estrogens significantly (unlike androstenedione), and therefore the risk of “gyno” is quite low. Many of the Pro Hormones for sale on todays market can cause inflamation in the breast area, this is often caused later in teh cycle and sometimes after. Make sure to use a proper Post Cycle when using prohormones.


Pimples are not a common side effect, although some people report a slight increase of acne on the back or shoulders that is usually light and transient. A rare individual who is hypersensitive to androgens and pimples conceivably might have a more serious reaction. The best prohormones on the market tend to have no negative side effect when it comes to pimples. If you have already high testosterone levels you probably will have a few pimples, but if your T-Levels are low then you shoudn't have a problem.


Male pattern baldness can be accelerated slightly only in those individuals taking Androdiol that are genetically predisposed to it. These individuals can take moderate dosages of Norandrodiol though and suffer little if any problems. Cheap pro hormones tend to offer more negative side effects. Halodrol and Epistane clones tend to have the least amount of negative side effects.


10) Are there any problems with liver, prostate or mental effects?


There have not been any public reports of liver problems from blood tests using prohormones, even at higher dosages. However, it may be wise for one to get blood tests done if they plan on taking higher dosages for prolonged periods. Also, if one has a pre-existing liver problem they are advised to avoid cheap prohormones completely.


People with pre-existing prostate conditions are definitely contraindicated with prohormones. On the other hand though, there is no convincing medical evidence that suggests testosterone or prohormones will lead to the development of benign prostatic hypertrophy or prostate cancer in normal individuals.


Users often report an increased mental energy and focus on top prohormones. This is usually considered a positive benefit, however in a small amount of individuals it is associated with some insomnia as well. This is something the consumer should be aware of.


11) Does using this product affect normal testosterone production?


Proper use of prohormones will not adversely affect one’s own hormone producing system. The body's testosterone negative feedback loop (HPTA) will naturally respond to elevations of testosterone, however it rebounds right back so long as one does not stay on prohormone products for inordinately long periods of time (less that 8 weeks).


As far as which products are safest in regards to endogenous production; they generally follow along the lines of duration of action. That is, the cyclo products produce the least down regulation response, while the topical sprays produce the most. The topical sprays, of course, are generally the most effective.


Buy Prohormones at Supplementstogo.com! You can find everything that you need to build muscle and get the physic that you want. You can also find more Prohormone Reviews like the one that you just read. Supplementstogo.com is the place where to buy prohormones. You can find the best pro hormone on the market as well as many other testosterone boosting supplements.


Pro Hormone Supplements


1) Halo-Plex – Halodrol Clone

2) Epi-Plex – Epistane Clone

3) Dianobol – Very Potent

4) Anavar – Increase Muscle Pump and Strength

5) Finaflex 1-Andro – Clean Andro Product

6) 4-AD RDe – Fast Absorbing Pro Hormone


These are our top rated prohormones, make sure to research to learn about each one. They all do something a little different and is crucial to know how ot cycle. Pro Hormone Supplements can be an effective way to build muscle and lose fat, but if you cycle improperly you may not achieve the results that you desire. At SupplementsToGo.com we have many pro hormone reviews, if you wish to add your own please select the one that you have taken and click on the review tab and it will pop up within a few days after someone reviews it. SupplementsToGo wants to hear how you enjoy each of your products so don't hesitate on letting us know. Find all the best prohormones here at Supplements To Go,


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