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Military Section

Supplementstogo.com is backing our military 110%. If you are in the military, send us an email, we offer a special discount for the military. Give us your contact information and where you are deployed and we will send you a discount code to use on this site. We appreciate everything the military is doing for our country and our freedom. Keep up the good work. Use our Discussion Boards to stay in touch with your loved ones! We all would love to hear from you guys & girls in the service! Here is some information on some of the units we are staying in touch with:
The 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment
A little about the Regiment's past year in Baghdad: We have patrolled in and around Baghdad for the past year (well, 13 months now) including the very volatile Sadr City We have some of the roughest areas of the city in our operational areas. Our basic mission is to provide peace and stability to the Iraqi people. We also have made great strides in assisting the Iraqi people by turning on their water and electricity to levels they have never had before. We provided shoes and "goodie bags" to the poorest areas of the city, where people actually live in MUD houses...We also helped rebuiled their schools AND tdeveloped a civic infrastructure. It's important to note that these folks are JUST learning about democracy now, They have lived under such an oppressed society, that they are a city of beggars, but we are training their troops (we were in charge of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC)) to take over and keep order in the city. We were due to leave Baghdad on or about 15 March, but the Regiment was turned around due to heavy fighting caused by an uprising of the Sadr militia. Supplementstogo.com would like to THANK CPT Tracy L. Kreuser, for sending us this information! There is a lot of news in our "News of the Regiment section on our website as well: The 2d Armored Cavalry Regiment Web-site
Here are some pictures
of our troops in Iraq
Kreuser on patrol in Iraq on convoy Keep up the great work Jennifer!
More Photos Below!
Here is a recent emails from SGT DANIEL HODGES & SGT JACON TYLER! SGT DAN & JACOB, we do apreciate your troops hard work and dedication. Many people over here in the US feel the same way that we do! Keep up the good work! Don't listen to negative feedback! Greetings from the desert, My name is Daniel Hodges and I'm a military police seargent that has been over in Iraq for 13 months now. I couldn't help but notice that your web site contained a 'Military Section'. I would like to say thank you for supporting the troops. We really don't get to hear too much about that, usually all we hear is the negative things. Knowing that people like you are out there makes my job so much more rewarding. We've been through a lot over here, and I work with hero's everyday of the week. My unit is the 94th Military Police Company (COMBAT SUPPORT), a reserve unit out of Londonderry NH. We have been on active duty since December 5, 2002, which makes that 18 months now. We have just been recently extended for a second time here in the middle east, our first extension was in October 2003. Our company has been attached to the 3rd Calvary and the 82nd Airborne Division. We have also provided the 2nd Calvary with law enforcement at Ft. Polk between January and April 2003. We have been stationed throughout all of Al Anbar Province in Iraq, which includes the cities of Ar Ramadi and Al Falluja. Now we are stationed in Kuwait providing security for convoys that are going north to outposts ALL OVER Iraq. I work with a lot of people who are regularly taking supplements. Your prices are some of the best around. My friends recommended me to other websites but I wasn't pleased with them. I found your website while doing a search on google. I'm going to let everyone know about your great prices, but most importantly the support that you have for us. Thank you very much. Yours Truly,
SGT Daniel A Hodges
94th MP Co
APO AE 09330
Hey guys! I was so excited to see that you have those pictures of service members on your web site. I think it's great that there are still people out there that are supporting us through all this negative publicity. My unit, the 94th MP Co. out of New Hampshire has been away from Families since Dec. 2002. When we first got activated we were stationed with the unit you have posted on your site the 2nd ACR. And just when we thought we going to get away from the Calvary by being deployed to Iraq we got attached to the 3rd ACR living in Falluja and Ramadi. We had plenty of exciting times there. We were all ready to go home in April when our one year in country was up and all the sudden we got extended another 120 days. So, needless to say we are still here. When soldiers come across sites like yours or talk to people like you that support us, it makes our job that much more rewarding. People like you keep us going over here. Thank you for the support! SGT Jacob Tyler
94th MP Co
APO AE 09330
ps. If I hear of anyone else looking for supplements I will let them know the name of your site, thanks again. Received email on June 27, 2004. Jason, I want to thank you so very much for supporting the Regiment through this extension period. We now are receiving our troops back here gradually at Kuwait for our processing and return to Ft Polk. The soldiers loved the item, and I hope that this generated some business for you. I want to let you know that we contacted 63 companies, and we got THE BEST support from you. 90% didn't even respond with a "no thank you," E-mail, but you have bent over backwards to help! On behalf of our 4000 troops, thanks! I know where I'm ordering my next supplements! I may be on the ship home, so I won't be home until late August (I have enough supplements, but I may be ordering more.) ALWAYS READY! CPT Kreuser Have a safe trip home CPT Kreuser! We appreciate your service and hope to hear from you soon! Emailed received on July 28, 2004: Supplements to Go has outstanding customer service and a great selection. As a soldier deployed to Iraq it is great to have the support of this establishment. Soldiers here love shopping here and really benefit from the discount that this retailer provides. As you know, soldiers are not rich by any means. Matthew Kudriaszow Thanks for the nice comments Matt! Keep up the great work! Emailed received 11-15-04. Thanks guys! Keep up the great work. People here do appreciate your service! To whom it may concern, It is really great to see that there are professionals like all of you at Supplementstogo that support our mission in Iraq. There are many Marines here in my unit that frequent the gym ( a tent with a rather nice selection of free weights and machines) For us it has been a place to keep in shape and to release some of the stress that accompanies the environment that we are in. For many of us this is our second deployment here in Iraq, and there are already a few of us who depend on SupplementstoGo based on your support of the military and the fact that you are probably the only supplier that ships to Iraq. We appreciate everything that you do to support us! Thanks again for your support! You may not fully realize it, but you do provide us a valuable service. Many of us last go around lost tons of muscle mass and body fat. I myself during the war in 2003 arrived at 205lbs and came home a meager 168. My wife cried when she saw me and proceeded to stuff me with as much food as she could find. Because of this many of us here now are much more focused on maintaining and even building lean muscle mass and strength. In 2003 it was unavoidable, but now we have the facilities and the means and with the added help of all of you at Supplements to Go many of us have made fantastic gains. Because of this we would like to thank all of you at Suppliments to Go! Semper Fi, Gunnery Sergeant Stewart Long
United States Marine Corps
Al Anbar Province, Iraq
Email received 11/17/04. I just want to thank you for your support. I am MMC Rogers and I am in the US Navy. I am currently deployed over seas. I pretty much work out alot and I love the prices that you have on your web site. There are alot of guys on board that I will pass on your web site too. Once again thank you for your support. MMC Rogers Keep up the great work guys! We know you are doing the right thing! Emailed received 12/8/04 Greetings to you all at Supplements To Go, I was absolutely enthused to see your support of all of the troops overseas especially since most companies won’t even ship over here much less off a discount! I am deployed with a small vehicle maintenance flight from Seymour Johnson AFB, NC and for some of us this is our second time to Iraq since the beginning of the war. We all wanted to thank you for offering your products at such low prices.. and then to throw your discount on top of that is above and beyond! We are more than glad to purchase products from a company with the loyalty and support you offer! Thanks Again!! SSgt Scott Preston
Tallil Air Base, Iraq
Scott, We appreciate all you guys/girls are doing! Hang in there. It is making a difference! Merry Christmas to all in the military that won't be home for Christmas! We have you in mind! The Staff at Supplementstogo.com Email received 12/15/04. Hey Jason, I was just looking through your site and ordering some supplements when I came across your " Military Section" and it's awesome to see you going out of your way to support us. I just spent 19 long months in Iraq and I wish I would have came across your site while I was there. I was actually in the same Battalion as Sgt. Hodges and the 94 Military Police Co. I am in the 324th Military Police Co out of Middletown, Ohio and experienced the same extensions as the 94 MP Co to provide Convoy Security for all convoys moving throughout Iraq from Kuwait. Our MP Company to date had the longest deployment (19 months; Feb. 2003 to Sept. 2004) in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom out off all active duty and reserve components serving in theater. I still have 2 years left to serve and I maybe a "lifer" so I will continue to endorse your site to all my fellow soldiers and make them aware of your support for them in future deployments. Without the support from Patriotic Americans such as yourself our jobs wouldn't be as fulfilling. Merry Christmas to you Jason and to all the Service Men and Women serving in Iraq and other Countries around the world. You are in my thoughts and payers. Here are a few pictures of myself and some fellow soldiers in my company while we did our part in Iraq. Spc. Peponis
324th Military Police Co.
Almost 2 years past..... and finally home!!
Merry Christmas to you too Spc. Peponis and to all the Military folks. We know being away this time of year is extra hard on your families. Keep up the good work!
The Staff at Supplementstogo.com
Email received 12/26/04
I am SPC Kolmerten stationed in Camp Bondsteel, Kosovo. I just wanted to thank you for your support of our troops. SPC Hal Kolmerten
Camp Bondsteel
APO AE 09340
Email received 12/27/04
Hey, just wanted to drop a quick note to say thanks for supporting us here. My friends and I have been trying to purchase supplements here at Camp Liberty, but the selection is hit or miss at best. Subsequently, we have been turning to the internet for our needs, when I ran across your site. I have passed it to everyone I could think of that might get some benefit. Thanks again. CPT Jason Gill
1-156 AR BN/ 256th BCT
Task Force One
APO AE 09326
Email received 12/20/04 Hello, My name is John. I saw your military section on supplements to go. I am a SGT in the 3/178th Field Artillery out of Lancaster, South Carolina. I am currently deployed to Iraq in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I am excited about this new information from your website. SGT John Galmish
HHS 3/178 FA
APO AE 09331
I just want to say thank you for you for supporting us. It is really gratifying. Thank you, John No problem John! Keep up the good work! Email Received 12/23/04 Just wanted to drop a note to say thanks of your support for all of us here. It is good to know there is a place to be able to find things that we need and can't get here. I am currently stationed in Camp Liberty with the 1-156 AR BN and am not due to rotate home until 10/05. Thanks again Jason Gill Email received 2-3-05 Hello I am currently serving in the Green Zone with 327th Signal Bn. I would just like to thank you for your support of the military and I think what you are doing is great and will definally help, it is not everyday we see appreciation or support for being here. Thank you SGT Goin, Joshua K The products we have listed on this page are from manufacturers that have supplied us with samples. We make every effort to put some samples in every military order. We want the military people to get MORE than what they paid for. This will be on a availability basis. Please try to patronize the companies that are sending us the samples! Keep up the great work! Emailed received 2/21/05 I recently logged on to your website to check it out after a recommendation from a buddy of mine here in Afghanistan. Its great to see companies who wholeheartedly support the military. I'm currently in the 125th Military Intelligence Battalion in Bagram, Afghanistan. I sometimes get the feeling that a lot of Americans take their freedom for granted and don't understand or even realize the daily sacrifices that are made by Soldiers, Marines, Airman, and Sailors to include their families back home. This has been a great 12 months here so far seeing the progress that has been made in this country. I've seen everything from the defeat of the Taliban to the re-introduction to girls in schools, women in the new political environment here, election of a President, and the building of infrastructure all over the country. While the news doesn't show a whole lot about Afghanistan, it still remains a dangerous place with a lot more to do here. Thank you for your support of the country's fighting force and peacemakers. Sincerely, CPT Stephen Skells
125 MI BN, S3 Ops
Bagram, Afghanistan
CPT Stephen, thanks for taking the time to email us. We do appreciate your troops efforts! It can't ba said enough. Keep up the good work! The Staff at Supplementstogo.com We have just found out that Tracy Kreuser will be promted to MAJOR. We want to personally congratulate him. He has been a great source of information for us. He deserves it! Keep up the great work TRACY! Email received 3/9/05 I FOUND YOUR SITE BY DOING A SUPPLEMENT SEARCH. MAN, I'MGLAD I FOUND YOU GUYS. YOUR PRICES ARE GREAT. I JUST STARTED MY TOUR IN IRAQ. I AM IN NORTHERN IRAQ AT FOB MAREZ. I AM PART OF A COUNTER MORTAR RADAR SECTION. I AM STARTING A STRENGTH AND CONDITIONING PROGRAM AND NEED SOME SUPPLEMENTS FOR WEIGHT LOSE AND LEAN MUSCLE MASS. I HAVE ALREADY TOLD ABOUT 25 PEOPLE ABOUT YOUR SIGHT AND WILL CONTINUE TO TELL MANY MORE. YOUR SITE IS THE BEST THAT I HAVE SEEN. THANK YOU FOR ALL OF YOUR SUPPORT. LORD KNOWS WE NEED IT FROM ALL THE PLACES WE CAN GET IT. CPL DONALD FULK
Donald, we will try to get your unit out some t-shirts with your order! Hope it gives the guys some moral boost! Keep up the good work! Many of us here do appreciate what you are doing! The Staff at Supplementstogo.com Email received 4/28/05. My name is Cpl. Justin Schilling. I am a Marine who has just returned from my second tour in Iraq. My first tour was the initial taking of Iraq where I served with 1st Recon BN. My latest Iraq vacation was with 3rd Bn 5th Marines. We have just recently returned from the states after 7 months in Fallujah, Iraq. During our stay in and around Fallujah, we managed to become the spearhead of the force that was sent to destroy the insurgency found within the city. Now that I am back home in the states, I am anxious to get back into the gym. I am looking forward to purchasing some of the great products that your site has to offer. I also wanted to thank you for your appreciation of the U.S. military. Even though I am not deployed at this time, I hope that I can still receive your military discount. Semper Fi,
Cpl. Justin Schilling
(Live Fast, Train Hard, Die Young!!!) Cpl. Schilling, thanks for all you have done for our country! Of course we will still extend you our Military Discount! Thanks for your business too!
The Staff at Supplementstogo.com Email Received 5/19/05 Supplementstogo.com,
This is Jay (j3c83j02@yahoo.com)curently deployed in Iraq. I,m part of 3rd ID,3rd FSB. We have been here for roughly 4 months so far and in the little bit of downtime I have, myself and some friends decided to put our down time to good use at the gym. Unfortunately our choice of supplements out here is slim to none so i have been surffing the web trying to find various supplements. My search ends here. Supplements.com by far has the best selection and prices I have ever seen. I was so excited to find a company willing to suppots the armed services. Thank you. I can't wait to recomend tis site to my fellow soldiers. Thanks again, Jay PFC Jaquith
Balad Air base, Iraq
Another email today! Hello I have viewed many sites on the internet and I have not found one site that openly supports the military. Your company has a great selection of products that are pretty hard to find. I am currently stationed in Korea with 1-72 AR BN. Being in Korea there is not a real good selection of products at the local PX. BTW....your prices are pretty awesome, I plan on doing business with you guys in the near future. PFC ANTHONY WEISS
1-72 AR BN
We appreciate the kind words guys! But we really appreciate what sacrifice you and your families are making for US! Keep up the great work. Let us know what you need, we will get it out ASAP!
Email Received 6/2/05
Hello My name is Sgt. Gill, Almasi
we really appreciate what you guys do to help us while we are over here. Sometimes we feel that we are forgotten when we leave home. With people like you backing us it makes us feel a little better. Thanks.
My contact address is
Sgt. Gill, Almasi HHC 2/3 AVN 3ID AVN BDE APO AE 09378 Keep up the great work Gill, we appreicate it! Email Received 6/27/05 My name is Sergeant Phillip Marburger. I was stationed with the 601st Calvary Support Detachment (Renegades) Supporting the 1st Squadron 4th U.S. Calvary Regiment (Quarterhorse). We were stationed in the middle of the Sunni Triangle. We were in the paper once because we had female in the unit of action. Politics a side they kicked a$$ and did their job. But we were there for 13 months near Balad. Thanks to all those that support U.S. and pity to those who all stand against U.S.
(See pictures below) Keep up the great work guys! We do appreciate it! Email revceived 6/27/05. I am currently serving in the U.S. Navy stationed onboard the U.S.S. Enterprise in Norfolk ,Va. And I have an uncle serving in the army currently in Iraq. I love that you support the military. Seems that not enough people support OR appreciate what we do for this country.
You have a great site and I look forward to purchasing from you. Thank you again.
3rd Class Petty Officer Bryan Snider Email received 7/12/05 My name is TSgt Jason Boyle. I am currently serving in Iraq at camp endurance. I am in the Air Force. I cannot begin to tell you how much we appreciate companies like yours who support us. I ensure you that I will do everything in my power to make sure we all do business with you. Here is my contact info: TSgt Jason Boyle
917th CSG AEF 5/6 JACOT
Q-West base complex
apo ae 09345
Thanks Jason. We appreciate the kind words! We all support you guys 100%. Keep up the great work! Be safe. Email Received 9/28/05 Thank you to everyone at Supplements To Go! My name is Matthew Holliday and I am currently surving in Iraq. I am a Corpral in the Army attached to 3rd Infantry Division and am stationed just outside of Bagdad. I just wanted to say thank you to you all for your support and encouragement. And also, for making it so easy to order the supplements I need. Thank you so much and may God bless you and your buisness...... Warmest regards from the warmest of places Cpl. Matthew Holliday Good luck Cpl. Holliday, it is great to hear from you! Email received 10/27/05. My name is SSgt Williams from the 445th Security Forces Squadron and I'm currently stationed in Baghdad. I just wanted to say thanks for supporting all of us over here by having a military section and offering us a discount. Many people say that they support the troops but don't stand behind it like you guys. We really appreciate the support. Who-Dey SSgt Sean Williams
JASG-C/Security Forces
Baghdad, Iraq
DSN 318-239-5184/4184
Great to hear from you SSgt Sean! Keep up the great work! We love to hear from you guys! Email Received 12/01/05
Hello and thanks for the support. I am SrA Emory Daniel USAF. I am currently in South Korea. I saw your site wile searching for cheaper than GNC supplements on the web. And just wanted to say thanks for the support it really means a lot. I look forward to ordering a lot of supplement from you guys. Thanks SrA Emory Daniel for the nice comments. We look forward to filling your orders! Take care!
The Staff at Supplementstogo.com
Email received 12/14/05! How are u doin i'm Lcpl Montes with 3rd Mrb, 3rd FSSG, unit 38423 fpo/ap okinawa japan. Ammunition Company. doin my first term here and lovin it. thanx for ur support cuz i tell u that its needed especially now for the Marines back in the sand box. Semper Fidelis, Lcpl Montes, R.A. Good Lucl Lcpl Montes! Keep up the great work! Email received 1/9/06! Hey guys! i was excited when a buddy told me of this site, but i was even more impressed when i started browsing around it. prices are great, alot cheaper than the other sites i have been searching. but to include a military section gives a big 4 thumbs up! (mine and my buddies!) we are soldiers of the 5th Psychological Operations Battalion (Airborne) out of Ft. Bragg. we are currently deployed to the Philippines in support of Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines,and have been here for 6 months. we spend alot of time in the weight room, and Supplementstogo has now THE asset to our supplement needs. thank you for the support! we would love to here of the great deals you have. your site is great, keep up the good work! SGT Joshua Santos 5th POB (AIRBORNE) JSOTF-P/ MIST 550 APO AP 96401 Keep up the great work SGT Joshua, just let us know what you need! Email received 1/17/06! Hey, What's up? My name is Spc Josh Mckenzie, an Infantry soldier in A co 1-167th IN. My company is attached to the 48th Infantry Brigade. I'm currently deployed in Scania, Iraq. Half way between Baghdad and the Kuwait border. I was just south of Baghdad in the what is called the Sunni Death Triangle for 6 months. This last 6 months of our tour they wanted us to calm down before we went home because the Triangle was fairly hostile. I would like to thank you for supporting the troops. Keep up the good work. Thanks. Spc Mckenzie

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