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Furanone Di Hydro

Furanone Di Hydro


GHB Might Be Gone But Red Dawn Has A Full Line Of Replacements for Furanone Di Hydro


Sublimiss - Renewtrient II


GHB Alternative - Very Similar to Blue Nitro, Verve, and GenX - Furanone Di Hydro GBL Supplements and Sleep Aids.

Renewtrient II is a new cutting edge all-natural anti-anxiety, sleep supplement now emerging from three years of clinical testing to replace Renewtrient. This testing has shown the active ingredient in Renewtrient II to yield the same anti-depressant properties as the Valium class drugs with no reported side effects.

Renewtrient II is an exciting new natural anti-anxiety supplement that has the added value of anti-depressant properties. In Central Nervous System receptor binding assays the compound found in Sublimiss is bound to several important targets including the serotonin transporter. It has the relaxing qualities of the benzodiazepine class of drugs in validated anxiolytic animal models.

Anxiety is being show to play a significant role in a wide variety of conditions and disease states. Recent work from the National Institute of Health and other major research centers has demonstrated that anxiety is a significant contributor to excess body fat, immune dysfunction, cardiovascular disease and other age-related disorders. Pharmaceutical companies with anxiolytic drugs have launched major consumer advertising campaigns that are fueling the awareness of the problems while building a market for products that can be used to treat anxiety and related conditions. Sublimiss contains the first natural ingredient to be specifically targeted to anxiety and well capitalize on the awareness being generated the the pharmaceutical industry.

This amazing new substance in Renewtrient II was tested and found to be safe, effective and rapid-acting non-sedentary dietary supplement helping control occasional mild anxiety or mild depression. Fifty subjects were tested with the main component in Sublimiss for two weeks. The dosage was applied three times daily with the majority of the subjects taking less than the recommended dose. Based on pre-clinical studies the main ingredient in Sublimiss was designed and evaluated against the following concepts.

Helping control occasional mild anxiety or mild depression Irritability Emotional ups and downs Restlessness Tense muscles Poor sleep and concentration difficulties Post trial analysis revealed significant relaxation in 78% of the subjects while 74% of the patients experienced a more restful sleep.

NEW!!! LEGAL GHB ALTERNATIVE AVAILABLE JAN 23rd as potent as Blue Nitro and Invigorate.
Salvia divinorum. We are a supplier of only the finest quality dried Salvia divinorum leaves and standardized extract for scientific research purposes. We offer online ordering of 5X extract enhanced leaves as well as two types of superior quality leaves: Oaxacan Organic from the Sierra Mazateca of southern Mexico, and Hawaiian Organic leaves from the rich soils of Hawaii. Our Oaxacan leaf is collected from pesticide-free, herbicide-free plants growing in the plant's area of origin, harvested by the Mazatec people. These leaves are known for having a very high salvinorin A content, and our source for Oaxacan Organic at one point had salvinorin A content tested by Alfredo Ortega at the University of Mexico, world authority on Salvia divinorum. The Hawaiian leaves are organically grown with great care. Our standardized Salvia divinorum extract consists of pure salvinorin deposited on leaves and would more properly be called salvinorin-enhanced leaves rather than an extract. This is much superior to other crude extracts on the market. Please note that these products are not offered for human consumption.

HUMATROPIL p.o A new legal ghb alternative as a replacement for Verve, Blue Nitro, Invigorate, and Renewtrient.


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