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Intestinal flora refers to the beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Inside everyone’s digestive system are many different types of friendly flora probiotics that help us to break down food and fight off bad bacteria. Probiotics (“pro” meaning for and “biotic” meaning life) are these beneficial microorganisms that are found in such fermented foods as yogurt and sauerkraut. In fact, the World Health Organization defines probiotics as, “live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.” For millions of years, people of all different cultures have been taking friendly flora probiotics to promote overall health and to replenish these good bacteria. A key element to staying healthy is to keep our gut flora balanced..

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When you’ve trained at your best for weeks and months on end, there is only one thing left to do… compete. Your competition may not be against anyone but yourself, but every once in a while each of us must test ourselves to make sure we are worthy of the term “warrior”

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Weight Loss

As men get older it is important to do maintenance on your body. Our bodies are meant to last a long time but because of our environment our bodies shut down faster. Diets, lack of exercise and desk jobs are a few of the reasons of why our bodies begin to lose its umpf! To get the engine revving back up and pumping on all cylinders we can try supplementing to give us a boost.

To start off it is important for men to get the appropriate amino acids in their body. One amino is an amino that has been shown to help with tissue function, keeping skin looking young, and allowing muscles to heal faster. Taking Lysine tablets are a great way to help you stay looking younger and recovering faster. Also supplementing with l-arginine can help improve erection strength and overall muscle pumps. L-arginine has also been reported to help with heart function which is very important as men get older.

When focusing on heart health you can also supplement with Neptune krill oil. Krill is the small little shrimp looking thing that giant whales feed off of, but these little guys are also really good for men to maintain a healthy heart, restore joints, and decrease bad fat when dieting. Supplementing with ashwagandha can also help improve heart health and improve skin health.

If you are a male and feel like you have low testosterone levels and would like to feel younger maybe you should look into supplementing with Vitamin D3. Vitamin D3 has shown in studies to break down to something very similar to testosterone and taking appropriate dosages of Vitamin D3 can improve testosterone. Also supplementing with Antler Velvet has been shown to be effective. The reason why men can improve the way they feel while on Deer Antler Velvet is because it has been noted to impact the IGF-1 factor which can improve growth hormones and better nights rest. If you are looking to improve sexual drive then taking the above supplements with goat weed can really improve erection and virility. Horny Goat Weed has been taken longer than most sex supplements because it has really been shown to improve blood circulation and male libido.

Weight Loss

If you are looking to lose weight a safe a natural way here are some great ideas for weight loss. Many people believe that they need to take supplements that are loaded with stimulants to lose weight but in reality it is important to take certain key ingredients to cut weight. For example, l-tryptophan is a night time fat burner that many people forget about. Yes this is the same thing that makes you sleepy when you eat turkey, but many people use it before bed to help improve quality of sleep as well as increase their metabolic rate while sleeping. Once you wake you can take 7 keto dhea. 7 keto dhea is a metabolite of DHEA but does not function the same way. DHEA effect hormones and can help improve muscle development and virility. 7 keto dhea helps with the resting metabolic rate. 7 keto dhea is naturally produced by the body as a source of energy, and supplementing with it can help improve your workouts and allow you to push yourself each workout.

Another way to improve energy during workouts and losing weight is using ala. The most common name for ALA is Alpha Lipoic Acid or Lipoic Acid. ALA or Lipoic Acid has been shown to help replenish glucose in the body. Glucose is the main energy source for the body, when the body has depleted its glucose it turns to using muscle as energy. Supplementing with glucose can allow your body to naturally restore glucose so that you can maintain muscle and lose weight.

After a long day of work or after a workout it is important to rest. Many people do not get the weight loss results that they are striving for because of stress. A supplement that has been shown to help with reducing stress and calming the mind and body is ashwagandha tablets. These tablets help the body maintain homeostasis which can be beneficial after a stressful day of work or after an evening workout. Keeping your stress levels down and giving yourself the good night sleep you deserve can improve your weight loss results.

Better Sleep

If you struggle with sleep in general then trying different natural supplements can help you have a better night sleep. The most common form of sleep aid would be a melatonin supplement. Your body naturally releases melatonin in the body while you are sleeping, but for some people the amount of melatonin is not released as much as others. If you notice yourself waking up at night and have a hard time staying asleep, supplementing with melatonin can help you stay asleep without making you feel groggy in the morning.

If you want to boost your melatonin supplement you can use it in conjunction with GABA and l-Theanine. L-theanine as been recorded to help nutrients pass through the blood brain barrier to enhance supplements, like melatonin, to give you a deeper more restful sleep. It has also been reported the l-theanine can improve the effects of caffeine when taken together. You can also try home remedies for fever to help you relax before bed.

Digestive Helath

There are many different forms of laxative and things to help improve your digestion. Some people solely rely on a digestive enzyme to help them, but sometimes you need something a little more powerful. Digestive enzymes can help the breakdown of food, but shouldn’t be used as a cleanser. If you do not use a laxative or cleanser from time to time, as you get older, can lead to gall stones.

A gall stone supplement is helpful but so is using a natural laxative. A popular gall stone supplement is stone free stone free uses key ingredients to help prevent gall stones. Supplementing with nopal cactus, prickly cactus tablets, and wild cherry bark are all useful thing that can help prevent gall stones. If you are not trying to prevent gall stones but are looking for a good cleanser than supplementing with psyllium husk powder or triphala tablets may be great options.

Triphala can be used to help improve digestion, liver function, and circulation. Taking triphala can be a great addition to any person who is looking to be healthy and has a clean diet.

Energy and Memory

Protecting your brain is a very important thing that many people don’t realize until later in life when they begin to forget things. Supplementing with certain b vitamins can help improve brain health and prevent memory loss later on in life. One of the most common ingredients for a brain boost is called methylcobalamin or B12. Using sublingual b12 can help give you the boost of energy that can help you focus. The combination of B12 and Caffeine has been shown to give a good clean energy without a heavy crash. Another B vitamin that has been shown to be useful in combination with B12 is Folinic Acid. Folinic is helpful at increasing the oxygen in the blood and really gives B12 a boost.

If you have tried supplementing with B vitamin but want something that can actually help or maintain memory you may want to try Huperzine-A. Huperzine has had some studies that have reported that it helps maintain brain health and/or improves memory. Studies have also been done on Vinpocetine to see if it can prevent alzheimer’s.  Though there still needs to be more studies on Huperzine-A and Vinpocetine on its effects at preventing alzheimer’s, it can be taken to help maintain memory or increase it.

You can also take bacopa to help the brain function while sleeping. Bacopa has been shown to help relax the brain and improve brain health. Taking Bacopa can help give your brain a boost 24 hours a day.


If you are someone who is just looking to stay healthy, this can often times be done by taking the appropriate anti-oxidants. Some of the most common antioxidants are Beta Sitosterol, Vitamin C and Resveratrol, but there are many other options to improve your health.

Yaeyama Chlorella is a part of the chlorella family which comes from the sea. The reason why supplementing with Yaeyama Chlorella is different than others is because it comes from a living organism. It has been reported to help clean your digestive tract as well as boost immunity. Another supplement that comes from a living organism is cordyceps. Cordyceps come from mushrooms and have been shown to have a high antioxidant power. So powerful that if taken at a high enough dosage it can become an estrogen inhibitor.

If you are looking for something that can really fight free radicals you can try astragalus. Astragalus has been around for many years and has been dated all the way back to ancient Chinese medicine.

If you are currently sick the ingredients above can be helpful but it may be better to try bupleurum and/or andrographis. Both of these have been shown to help fight off sickness and improve overall wellness. Andrographis has been reported to have some antibiotic properties which help the internal infections that may be causing your sickness.


It happens to all women, and it is something that can be managed to stop the pain and aches naturally. Menopause is a part of the women’s aging process; certain supplements have been shown to help relieve the pain that occurs when going through menopause.

Vitex helps produce hormones such as luteinizing hormones and prolactin. These hormones help relieve the pain and aches during menopause. Another ingredient that has been used in old remedies is horse chestnut cream.  Some women experience physical pain while going through menopause and rubbing horse chestnut cream on those areas can help relieve those areas of pain. There is also a sickness that may occur during menopause. Taking a kudzu supplement can help relieve the stomach problems.

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