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Popular Weight Loss Supplement: 7-Keto

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Earlier this year Dr. Oz talked about a weight loss supplement that was safe and effective for just about any individual, this product was called 7-keto. The body naturally makes 7-keto and uses it as a energy source by transporting fat into energy. If you are 20 years or older and are looking to burn fat and improve body composition then supplementing with 7-keto may be right for you.

What to Expect with 7-Keto:

-          Boost in metabolic rate

-          Spark lean muscle growth

-          Regulate natural energy levels

7-keto is a derivative of DHEA. DHEA is one of the most abundant hormones in the body and is used by many lifters. What is unique about 7-Keto is that is does not convert into a hormone, so it bypasses the excessive amount of hormones but still gives the benefits of losing weight.

If you are just starting out and want to kick start your weight loss, or if you have 10lbs left to reach your goal, supplementing with 7-Keto may be helpful. As people age their hormones levels begin to drop, though 7-keto is non hormonal it is a metabolite of DHEA which means that they body would not be able to produce it as abundantly.

When supplementing with 7-Keto you can take between 50mg to 200mg per day. Depending on age or whether you are taking it with another product will determine how much you should take. You can purchase 7-keto also a stand alone or with other ingredients mixed in.

Check out these products for our top selling 7-Keto:

-          7-Keto Musclelean

-          Lean System 7

-          Youth

For people who want to stay in shape or desire to be in shape supplementing with 7-keto can be a great addition to your supplement arsenal.

New Hyper Shred from BSN

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Trying to lose weight is not just a problem that you, as an individual have, but the majorities are faced with living at a healthy weight. Some diet pills can be harmful towards you and can lead to adrenal fatigue, and others don’t really have any effect from a diet pill.


Diet pills and Fat loss pills are useful but are not always the answer when trying to lose weight. BSN sports nutrition has developed a energy pill that can help increase metabolism and increase mood while dieting, but is focused on creating you to have a healthy diet. BSN is already so well known for – NO Xplode, Syntha 6, and many other sports nutrition supplements. Hyper Shred is used designed to help with thermogenics, and nootropic effects.


HYPER SHRED ingredients when used as directed, at maximum dosage, over time, combined with a healthy diet and regular exercise are designed to support:


  • Energy
  • Focus
  • Weight Management
  • Fat Burning


HYPER SHRED is a new energy and weight management dietary aid whose streamlined formula keeps the focus squarely on energy and metabolic support to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goals. The powerful effects of this supplement are delivered without the use of geranium oil extracts, setting HYPER SHRED apart from a number of its peers. Users can expect clean energy and training focus support without the potentially negative effects of more cluttered formulas.


HYPER SHRED essentially takes the idea behind the recent wave of ultra-concentrated pre-training powders and delivers it in pill form – serious energy promotion and training focus support, plain and simple. HYPER SHRED gives users an edge in their fat-burning efforts and is perfect as a pre-workout energy boost. And because the concentrated formula only requires one capsule per serving, getting a daily dose of extreme performance support is as convenient as can be. For anyone looking to stay ahead of the curve and get clean, geranium-free energy, fat-burning and training support, HYPER SHRED is the state-of-the-art supplement choice.

How to get Thin Quick?

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Here at we pride ourselves in having the top diet pills on the market to help you get thin quick. One of the top selling diet pills is STG Supplements Thin Quik. This is an ECA diet pill that has been designed to help boost metabolism, energy, and decrease hunger. Let’s take a deeper look at Thin Quik.



ECA aka Ephedra, Caffeine, Asprin Stack is a well known stack in the bodybuilding and weight loss industry. The reason why it works so well is that is attacks fat and boost metabolism faster. Ephedra has been around for some time now and is known for it attacks on fat burning. Caffeine is great for increasing energy and keeping people focused while dieting. Aspirin helps with absorption and thinning of blood to increase blood flow, which can lead to a thermogenic state.



Thermogenics is helpful for people wanting to burn calories without having the extra work. Basically thermogenics works by increasing the metabolism of one’s body (giving someone a warm feeling) and in turn having them burn more calories without the extra work in the gym. This is great for people who sit at a desk all day or who isn’t able to get to the gym all the time.



Thin Quik uses two key antioxidants that can help repair DNA and increase energy. Acacia Rigidula and Green Tea are two great ways to help increase natural energy and at the same time repair DNA cells while dieting and strenuous exercise.



Yohimbe is an interesting supplement and has many mixed reviews. If supplemented at too high of a dosage it can lead to people having a queasy stomach, but if supplemented properly it can work wonders. Yohimbe attacks key fat cells that store around the butt, abdomen, arms and neck. Supplementing with yohimbe you can attack these areas and get thin quick.


Though Thin Quik has many supplements in it the combination of them all can lead to you getting thin quick, thus the name! Supplementing with Thin Quik can lead to results, and to get even faster results take this with a proper diet and workout routine.

The Next Generation of Pre workouts

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Pre Workouts are the hottest products on the market right now. Over the past 10 years we have seen pre workouts evolve to giving a pretty pump to insane amounts of energy to muscle pumps that have never been felt before. So what is the next step to Pre Workouts?

Hyper FX by BSN has set the standard for everyone else. This formula offers energy, thermogenics, and natural testosterone production. It offers 270mg of Caffeine; this is more than the average which sits around 200mg. The thermogenic capability is from Capsimax, which derives from pepper and gives the flavor at hot tang to it from time to time. But the most unique aspect of this product is probably the testosterone boosting capabilities.

D-Aspartic Acid: This is probably the most talked about testosterone booster on the market currently. The reason why people like it so much is because studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid at 3g a day can boost free testosterone up to 30%.

Vitamin D: is highly absorbable in the body and has a great effect on overall health. Some studies have even shown that it helps with testosterone. One Study showed that Testosterone when broken down into the body looks very similar, structurally, to testosterone. This is interesting and can be a safe alternative for men looking to boost strength.

Calcium-D-Glucarate: is used as an anti aromatase. This is good to have, especially for men. Aromatase is an enzyme that attatches to testosterone and coverts it into estrogen. This can happen do to a poor diet, not enough veggies or not taking antioxidants. An excess of aromatase can be toxic and harmful to the body. If you are taking a product that helps increase testosterone then you need to make sure to be taking an antiaromatase.

We don’t know what the next level of pre workouts will be but we do know that testosterone boosting is the new pre workout. You can find cheap Hyper FX at and every now and then you can receive Hyper FX coupons when you sign up for our e-mails.


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