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Benefits of Fish Oils

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Over the last five years there has been a lot of hype around fish oils. It seems as though every person can benefit from consuming fish oils, but is it really all it is hyped up to be. There are many different forms of fish oils but what really stands out when looking at fish oils is the EPA and DHA dosage.

The main reason why fish oil is so popular is because of the Omega-3 value. This is found in the fatty layer of cold water fish and shellfish. These are extracted and put into gel capsules for easy consumption. Not all Omega-3 supplements come from fish. Some EFA or Essential Fatty Acid supplements will use walnuts, flax seed, and nut oils as  Omega-3 supplements. Though these products are good, they work slightly different and it is important to note which one you are specifically looking for.

Fish Oils contain long chain Omega-3’s which are labeled as EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). These have been shown to have a variety of health benefits ranging from healthy hormone levels to a more healthy functional brain.

Testosterone is something that every man needs to function; the lack of testosterone can lead to the storage of fat and possibly depression. Fish oils can help aid the body to increase healthy testosterone levels. The body needs the appropriate amount of fats, amino acids, and cholesterol. Using a Fish Oil supplement helps to increase good fatty acids while dieting and in turn can improve hormone levels.

One of the most abundant fatty acids in the brain is DHA (docosahexaenoic acid). Increasing DHA may help support brain health. Some studies have shown that eating fish once a week can help improve chances of decreasing the likelihood of Alzheimer’s. This isn’t to say that it will help while someone has Alzheimer’s, but it is interesting to see its effects on the brain.

Fish Oils have many benefits to the human body and only two were discussed here, but if you are interested in learning more about fish oils click here to find out which one will work best for you.

Driven Sports Supplements

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There are few companies that are as innovative as Driven Sports. If you were to look at their products and compare them to the rest you will notice that they use more unique ingredients than other companies. The goal of this article is to give insight into Driven Sports and their products. Driven Sports carries three products – Activate Xtreme, Triazole, and Craze. If you are looking for innovative products, read on and see what stands Driven Sports apart.

Activate Xtreme

If you have been looking for a true natural testosterone booster, then you will be interested in Activate Xtreme. Many companies started using Divanil as a testosterone booster. There is more to boosting testosterone than just take products that boost testosterone, you need to be taking a product that affect growth hormones and blocks estrogen.  All too often companies will make products that boost testosterone but, leave you high and dry on the other important stuff. Activate Xtreme helps to activate Luteinizing Hormones, and growth hormones. Both LH and GH are important for muscle growth. Activate Xtreme also regulate estrogen. Some people think that shutting down estrogen production is a good idea, wrong! Estrogen helps with fat, and fat helps with health testosterone production. Regulating Estrogen helps to keep testosterone levels high without negative estrogen effects, and allows you to get the most out of your testosterone booster.


Many guys will use a aromatize inhibitor instead of a testosterone booster. The thought on this is that it doesn’t affect the testes as much and gives more of a hard muscle look, not a bulky muscular look. After the age of 30 most men should think about getting an estrogen blocker. Too much estrogen can actually hurt the body, causing it to store excess fat, and shorten the sex drive. Triazole use a innovative ingredients called pZole. This product helps to regulate estrogen levels, clean the liver, and offers anti-oxidant support. Whether you are a gym rat or a guy that sits behind a desk all day, supplementing with Triazole, can really help to improve overall health. Also while on this product you will notice an increase in sex drive – which is nice!


Many companies have a concentrated pre workout formula, but what many of them used as a stimulant was geranium. Driven Sports Craze uses an extract called, Dendrobium. This ingredient works far better than geranium because it does not restrict blood flow and help give you long lasting energy without a crash. Taking one scoop of Craze can give you the same effects, even after three weeks! Also, Craze uses two ingredients that have been proven to build muscle – Creatine and Beta Alanine. You may notice on other products, but Craze uses the right dosage to make sure you get the most out of your workout.

Quality, Innovative, Science

If you want a quality supplement that are innovative and backed by science then Driven Sports Supplements will be a great choice for you.

Pro Mag – Superdrol Replacement

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Superdrol will no longer be available at the end of August of 2012. Some of you may be loading up and some of you may have found out too late. Those of you liked using Superdrol and are not fans of Halodrol, you may be interested in trying Promagnon. Promagnon is structurally similar to Halodrol but the results, for some, is more comparable to Superdrol.


One of the more popular Promagnon clones is Pro Mag 25 by Hard Rock Supplements. The reason why people use Promagnon over Halodrol and as a replacement for Superdrol is because of its mass and size that it offers. People who have used Pro Mag in the past have noticed better muscle size and pumps, which is similar to Superdrol.


How Does It Work

The way Pro Mag works in the body is by increasing Testosterone, GH production and Insulin. With higher testosterone the body is able to build faster, and increase in strength. The GH production helps with the recovery after the gym. Insulin has been stated to be more powerful than testosterone, using Pro Mag helps increase both which gives big time results.


What has also been noted with Pro Mag 25 users is that it helps with recovery while working out. Many people notice that the pumps are far more superior while on Pro Mag and that rest in-between sets decreases. Pro Mag 25 does this by increasing muscle fibers while working out, giving the muscle more power with each set.


Another positive result with Pro Mag 25 is the increase in protein absorption. As many of you probably know, protein is the building block to muscle – if you are not absorbing the mount of protein needed to grow, you are defeating yourself. Cycling Pro Mag 25 can help improve protein absorption so that the muscles can grow even faster.

Pro Mag comes with a 4 month supply of 25mg tablets that are taken twice a day. 50mg is the regular dosage with Promagnon. Promagnon Clones have a half life of about 10 hours; this means that the dosage should be spread out appropriately. For more experienced users, you can take between 100 to 150mgs. If you do more that 100mgs do not take Pro Mag for more than 6 weeks, this can shut down testosterone and kill libido. With a 50mg dosage a day you can take Pro Mag 25 for up to 8 weeks. Common side effects that come with Pro Mag 25 are oily skin, acne, aggression, and testicular atrophy. The testicular atrophy only will last during a proper cycle and with a proper PCT the testicles will go back to normal.


Pro Mag 25 is a very stable compound and should be taken by more experienced users. While on a cycle of Pro Mag 25 you will need a proper on cycle and post cycle. While on cycle of Pro Mag 25 we recommend that you use AX Perfect Cycle, and for post cycle use Purus Labs Recycle.

Testosterone Booster: Anatropin by Gaspari

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Testosterone is thought to be the key to building lean mass, and there are a lot of option to how and what to supplement to increase testosterone levels. Many have tried time and time and time again a Tribulus Terrestris based testosterone booster and saw little to no results. Some studies have shown that Tribulus can elevate Luteinizing Hormones but it hasn’t been show to boost it significantly. So why do people settle for something so obvious?


Tribulus Terrestris is a thing of the past and is being replaced by true science. Gapsari Anatropin is officially here and is ready to take it’s crown as being king of testosterone. Unlike many Testosterone products on the market Anatropin has been researched and proven to work. Anatropin contains clinically validated ingredients used in human trials. Let’s face it, why on earth would you use products that only contain ingredients studied on little animals like rats or rabbits? Anatropin contains 5 ingredients studied in human trials.


Another plus with Anatropin is that is does not shut down Libido. Many hardcore testosterone boosters work well, but often live you feeling flat and uninterested when it is time to play in the sack. Anatropin can actually increase libido while on it. So imagine yourself getting results in the gym because your testosterone levels are high and that you can still perform when you get home, yeah it’s a good feeling!


Anatropin has also been shown to control estrogen levels, meaning that you will put on lean hard muscle, no water weight. Often times with strong testosterone booster you run into the issues of higher estrogen levels that can harm the body and lead to water retention and a lack in gains. Some estrogen is good when trying to put on muscle, but totally killing it off can lead to a lack in your full potential of muscle gains. You want to control estrogen not kill it off all together. Anatropin helps regulate the amount of estrogen that your body produces while at the same time it raises your testosterone level and libido.


If you are looking for the next BIG thing in Testosterone development get your hands on Anatropin, you won’t be sorry and neither will your wife. Anatropin is the next Testosterone King in the supplement industry.


Other Supplements by Gaspari Nutrition that can help build muscle:


1)      Super Pump Max

2)      Size On

3)      Vasotropin

4)      Real Mass Probiotic

The Next Generation of Pre workouts

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Pre Workouts are the hottest products on the market right now. Over the past 10 years we have seen pre workouts evolve to giving a pretty pump to insane amounts of energy to muscle pumps that have never been felt before. So what is the next step to Pre Workouts?

Hyper FX by BSN has set the standard for everyone else. This formula offers energy, thermogenics, and natural testosterone production. It offers 270mg of Caffeine; this is more than the average which sits around 200mg. The thermogenic capability is from Capsimax, which derives from pepper and gives the flavor at hot tang to it from time to time. But the most unique aspect of this product is probably the testosterone boosting capabilities.

D-Aspartic Acid: This is probably the most talked about testosterone booster on the market currently. The reason why people like it so much is because studies have shown that D-Aspartic Acid at 3g a day can boost free testosterone up to 30%.

Vitamin D: is highly absorbable in the body and has a great effect on overall health. Some studies have even shown that it helps with testosterone. One Study showed that Testosterone when broken down into the body looks very similar, structurally, to testosterone. This is interesting and can be a safe alternative for men looking to boost strength.

Calcium-D-Glucarate: is used as an anti aromatase. This is good to have, especially for men. Aromatase is an enzyme that attatches to testosterone and coverts it into estrogen. This can happen do to a poor diet, not enough veggies or not taking antioxidants. An excess of aromatase can be toxic and harmful to the body. If you are taking a product that helps increase testosterone then you need to make sure to be taking an antiaromatase.

We don’t know what the next level of pre workouts will be but we do know that testosterone boosting is the new pre workout. You can find cheap Hyper FX at and every now and then you can receive Hyper FX coupons when you sign up for our e-mails.


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