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Cenergy Amino Plex

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Looking for a great tasting, potent recovery formula. Sounds like you are looking for Amino-Plex

Looking for a great tasting, potent recovery formula. Sounds like you are looking for Amino-Plex

Amino Acids are very popular for muscle development. The issue that many people have faced when trying  amino acid formula’s is that they all taste a little different and mix diversly and sometimes it is difficult to really notice the distinction. There is a new formula that is going to change the game of recovery formulas and amino acids. Recovery is vital when it comes to any athlete. If you lift weights you need to repair muscle as you lift, maybe you are a sprinter and you need something that can help hydrate and recover muscle rapidly. No matter what kind of sport that you are in you will need a recovery matrix that will help improve muscle development.

Cenergy Amino Plex is the revolutionary muscle recovery amino acid drink that will help just about any athlete.

Vitamin C and B Vitamins

Amino Plex by Cenergy has both vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that can help with recovery and improve endurance. The combination of that and B vitamins can help with absorption of nutrients and to increase energy. If you take Amino Plex in combination with a preworkout you will quickly notice how it will enhance your preworkout by improving energy, and pump.

Amino Acids and BCAA’s

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s are known to be one of the most functional workout supplements people should be taking while initiating in intense exercise. BCAA’s have been shown to help with actual muscle growth, other amino acids can help with preserving muscle, but if you are looking to build muscle it is important to use a product that has BCAA’s. Amino Plex also uses Glutamine and Lysine, which have been correlated to growth hormone production and recovery.


Some of you may have heard of HMB and most of have heard of the amino acid Leucine. HICA is a Leucine metabolite, very similar to HMB but has been shown to be more effective. HICA is a non hormonal anabolic Leucine metabolite that helps with increasing protein synthesis and muscle growth. You will begin to see many products have more and more of this product  due to its effectiveness.

Cenergy Amino Plex

If you are looking for a superior blend of amino acids, then look no further than Cenergy Amino Plex. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to recovery and workout drinks but Amino Plex covers all the bases with hydration, absorption, pump and recovery.

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre Supplement Review

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There are few companies that make a name for themselves like Optimum Nutrition has. Most companies look up to Optimum Nutrition for what they have accomplished over the years. Established in 1986, Optimum Nutrition has had one goal in mind – Quality Supplements at the right price. Optimum Nutrition does not skimp on the right ingredients. They understand that giving the consumer what works makes the customer happy and they achieve the results they desire. Optimum Nutrition is probably most known for their protein blends. Their Gold Standard 100% Whey Protein truly set the standard of protein by combining all the right ingredients to make the best protein around.

One of the newest additions is Optimum Nutrition  Platinum Pre. Today we will be looking deeper into what is in this product and what you can expect when you take it.


Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre is based on science-backed ingredients. Optimum was tired of overwhelming formulations with unsatisfying results. They decided to give people what worked, and cut the fluffy stuff out of their preworkout formula.

Micronized Citrulline & PepForm Citrulline Peptides

For those of you who do not already know, L-citrulline is more effective at increasing nitric oxide than L-arginine. Citrulline is a precursor to nitric oxide, and has been shown to gradually release NO into the blood stream allowing the body to stay pumped longer. One scoop of platinum Pre has 2g of L-citrulline and Citrulline Peptides. The peptides help increase absorption and the effectiveness of L-citrulline. If you have taken L-citrulline in the past, but haven’t used it with Citrulline Peptides you may have been missing out on the full potential of L-citrulline. The Citrulline Peptide has a patent-pending on it, which guarantees its quality.

CarnoSyn Beta-Alanine

There are few supplements have been shown to be more effective than Beta-alanine. Beta-alanine helps with nitric oxide production, endurance, and fighting soreness. If you notice that your recovery time in-between sets and or between workouts is getting worse you may benefit from using beta-alanine. Beta-alanine is the main precursor for carnosine. Carnosine helps to regulate acidic byproducts that are released during strenuous exercise. You may not want to leave the gym after a week of using this!


Caffeine may have received a bad rap over the years because of energy drinks, but it is still thought of an essential supplement for serious athletes. Research proves that caffeine helps to increase energy output when lifting and while performing endurance exercise. Using 200mg if you are less than 200lbs is the right dosage, use 300mg if you are 200-220lbs and 400mg if you are 220lbs+. Along with focus and endurance Caffeine can also help increase nutrition uptake.

Capsicum Fruit Extract

Who doesn’t like breaking a good sweat while workingout? The Capsicum fruit extract is a chili pepper extract that helps support healthy blood flow increasing thermogenics. This doesn’t mean it will make you lose weight, but it will help with increase sweating. If you have a proper diet with Platinum Pre it can help aid in water loss, but this is not the main function behind it. Increasing blood flow can also help aid in the PUMP feeling.

PhytoBlend + 200 mg Vitamin C

The PhytoBlend is a combination of four ingredients. 1) Beet juice extract has nitrogen’s in it to help increase nitrogen retention giving a long lasting pump. 2) Grape seed extract is used as a potent antioxidant that fights free radicals and can help with reducing soreness. 3) Red Wine Extract may contain resveratrol, which is thought of a super anti-oxidant. 4) Citrus Bioflavonoids are a great absorption product that helps to increase absorption of all ingredients. In addition Platinum Pre also has a efficacious amount of vitamin C to helps with proper oxygen uptake and recovery..

Here is what Optimum Nutrition has to say about Platinum Pre

Pre-workout supplementation isn’t new. What’s exciting about new PLATINUM PRE- is ON’s commitment to using safe, effective ingredients in amounts that are clearly listed on the Facts Panel for all to see. There’s no marketing hype in this product. This pre-workout formula is 100% business, just like you’ve come to expect from ON.” – Optimum Nutrition

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre

Optimum Nutrition Platinum Pre

One way that Optimum assures quality in their products is by using the right facilities. They use 3 registered manufacturing plants under NSF. Quality looks like many things; it means that the product works, mixes well, says what it truly is, and taste great. Optimum Nutrition understands that you work hard and so they put in the extra effort to make sure you achieve the results you are looking for.

One thing Optimum Nutrition is good at is getting back to the basics and using what works. If you are tired of the fancy labeling and words and want to get something that will work, it is time to get your hands on Platinum Pre.


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The battle between the two most potent preworkouts on the market, 1MR vs. GO. BPI 1MR has been around longer and has been reformulated a few times to the perfection that it is at now, and EXT GO has just hit the market but is picking up steam. Both product are not for the faint of heart, and give a wicked amount of energy.


Let us take a look first at the new 1MR by BPI

1MR super concentrate blend has a 3,500mg proprietary blend that uses Arginine AKG as their first ingredient. Arginine is the main pump ingredient used in 1.M.R along with Taurine to help expand muscle volume. Beta-Alanine with Creatine has been shown to help increase muscle endurance and strength. As many of you already know, one scoop of 1.M.R is enough to get you through your entire workout.


So what is different about EXT GO?

EXT GO is a very potent stimulant pre workout formula, but uses some different ingredients to help improve muscle performance. EXT Go has a 3,635mg proprietary blend that has creatine has its first main ingredient. Creatine is one of the most proven muscle performance supplements on the market. Ext Go also uses Citrulline Malate instead of Arginine for nitric oxide production. Though Arginine AKG is great for immediate pump effect, Citrulline Malate has been shown to help increase nitric oxide production for an extended period of time. Go also has Beta-Alanine but adds Trans-Alanyl-L-Glutamine to help improve mTOR. mTOR is a process where yrou body finds energy to fuel muscle. Improving mTOR can help improve muscle endurance along with fat metabolism.


BPI 1.M.R. vs. EXT GO


Many of you may have already tried 1MR but do you know how it compares? There is only one way to find out, try EXT GO and see what works best for you. Both products are highly potent and only need a scoop to produce the energy to get through a workout. From personal use EXT GO does not have a weird after taste and their flavoring is better than BPI, but this is my opinion and could be argued.

MusclePharm Amino Acid Formula

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Amino Acids are the building blocks to protein and protein is the fuel in which yours muscles need to grow. This is a simple truth that many young lifters often forget. Most people know that they need protein, but they are less educated when it comes to which amino acids to take when it comes to actual muscle growth. This is why many people supplement with pure amino acid drinks. Many of these mixes have essential amino acids or EAA’s which have been shown to be very effective at improving muscle development.

The newest product by MusclePharm is a great blend of key amino acids. MusclePharm’s Amino1 is a blend of BCAA’s, cellular rejuvenating aminos and hydration. Some people will use just straight BCAA’s and other will use the combination of all EAA’s. Before you shrug off Amino1 as another Amino Acid drink look at these great things it has to offer.

Pump: A basic EAA blend will offer mild pumps, if none at all, but with Amino1 you will get vascularity and pumps. Amino1 uses Citrulline Malate, which has been shown to be more potent than Arginine at increasing nitric oxide in the blood. Amino1 also has Beet Root Extract with nitrates to increase nitrogen retention, leaving your body feel pumped longer.

Muscle Growth: Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s are known to be anabolic in the body. When one consumes BCAA their body is more receptive to increasing muscle fier rebuilding which leads to bigger muscle growth. BCAA’s can also be taken during the day to help improve recovery after a strenuous workout session.

Endurance: Amino1 uses Carnitine-L-Tartrate to help improve fat metabolism and mental alertness. Thought this form of carnitine is not a stimulant it has been reported to help increase focus. Along with carnitine Amino1 also uses CoQ10 and Glycine to help improve performance while working out. Both of these are very helpful with cellular energy and allows people to feel less fatigued during and after a workout.

Hydration: water to the muscles is very important when it comes to recovery. No one likes getting cramps during a workout, or any other time in the day. Proper hydration is key to a faster recovery. The Amino1 formula uses Coconut water extract, and Taurine to help fuel the muscle with hydration.

Final Thoughts

Amino1 is a good formula for just about any athlete that is looking for a good workout recovery formula and pump matrix. If you like Optimum Amino Energy, I think that this would be a great combination with that product for a pre workout formula. As a standalone I think Amino1 works well at an intra workout mix to help people push their limits in the gym. I would also recommend this product to those looking for something to sip on to help fight fatigue towards the end of the day.


Muscle Pharm Amino 1


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