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Pro Mag – Superdrol Replacement

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Superdrol will no longer be available at the end of August of 2012. Some of you may be loading up and some of you may have found out too late. Those of you liked using Superdrol and are not fans of Halodrol, you may be interested in trying Promagnon. Promagnon is structurally similar to Halodrol but the results, for some, is more comparable to Superdrol.


One of the more popular Promagnon clones is Pro Mag 25 by Hard Rock Supplements. The reason why people use Promagnon over Halodrol and as a replacement for Superdrol is because of its mass and size that it offers. People who have used Pro Mag in the past have noticed better muscle size and pumps, which is similar to Superdrol.


How Does It Work

The way Pro Mag works in the body is by increasing Testosterone, GH production and Insulin. With higher testosterone the body is able to build faster, and increase in strength. The GH production helps with the recovery after the gym. Insulin has been stated to be more powerful than testosterone, using Pro Mag helps increase both which gives big time results.


What has also been noted with Pro Mag 25 users is that it helps with recovery while working out. Many people notice that the pumps are far more superior while on Pro Mag and that rest in-between sets decreases. Pro Mag 25 does this by increasing muscle fibers while working out, giving the muscle more power with each set.


Another positive result with Pro Mag 25 is the increase in protein absorption. As many of you probably know, protein is the building block to muscle – if you are not absorbing the mount of protein needed to grow, you are defeating yourself. Cycling Pro Mag 25 can help improve protein absorption so that the muscles can grow even faster.

Pro Mag comes with a 4 month supply of 25mg tablets that are taken twice a day. 50mg is the regular dosage with Promagnon. Promagnon Clones have a half life of about 10 hours; this means that the dosage should be spread out appropriately. For more experienced users, you can take between 100 to 150mgs. If you do more that 100mgs do not take Pro Mag for more than 6 weeks, this can shut down testosterone and kill libido. With a 50mg dosage a day you can take Pro Mag 25 for up to 8 weeks. Common side effects that come with Pro Mag 25 are oily skin, acne, aggression, and testicular atrophy. The testicular atrophy only will last during a proper cycle and with a proper PCT the testicles will go back to normal.


Pro Mag 25 is a very stable compound and should be taken by more experienced users. While on a cycle of Pro Mag 25 you will need a proper on cycle and post cycle. While on cycle of Pro Mag 25 we recommend that you use AX Perfect Cycle, and for post cycle use Purus Labs Recycle.

H-Plex: Halodrol Pro Hormone Clone

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Articles

If you are used to taking H-Drol, Halodrol by Gaspari or any form of Halodrol you will be excited to try H-Plex. H-Plex is a Halodrol Clone that offers similar results as H-Drol.


Halodrol Clones are popular for those athletes who want to put on size, make strength gains, and/or increase endurance.
The type of changes in body composition you can expect from H-Plex are large increase in mass with zero to little bloating because H-Plex does not aromatize into any type of estrogen therefore, the user will experience progressive and exceptional gains in muscle belly size without the excess water weight which would “disappear” when the user stops taking the product.

The ProHormone H-Plex is the best size and strength gaining supplement currently sold that is not outright illegal or overly toxic. Most people using this product will notice an immediate and positive change in size, strength, and workout recover time within 72 hours of initiating use and the vast majority of user will notice that they are gaining size and strength which each and every workout while using H-Plex. You can expect muscle belly size gains that are qualitatively visibly harder and denser than similar products on the market. Thus, the overall effects from HPlex are usually quite dramatic and quickly noticeable to the user and observers. With H-Plex you can expect that your LBS with the weights at the gym and size of your muscle bellies when checked on the tape measure will go increase quite fast and quite steadily.

Along with marked increases in strength and muscle belly size users of the pro hormone H-Plex should see an immediate and substantial increase in aerobic capacity and endurance manifesting itself through the ability to do increased reps, sets or cardiovascular exercise. Like compounds that are similar to H-Plex, many users will also experience slight decreases in adipose, especially around the mid-section and flank.


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