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Ripped Lean vs. Ripped Fuel

Written by Jules Riley. Posted in Reviews, Weight Loss

TwinLab Ripped Fuel fat burner was one of the best ephedra diet pills that was on the market at the time. Since then people have been looking for a replacement, and it has been reported that Ripped Lean by NutraStar is the closest thing that you can find.

The reason why people liked Ripped Fuel is because it gave quick intense energy and made people sweat, which lead to extra calories being burned and people looking good with their shirt off. Ripped Fuel was designed so that people could burn fat and still keep their muscle that they worked hard for.

Does Ripped Lean Do that?

Ripped lean uses three different things to help fight fat and preserve muscle.

First it uses caffeine; caffeine is a staple for anyone who is looking to get in shape. Caffeine gives energy, duh, but it also helps the body absorb nutrients.  Using caffeine is a safe and effective way to boost the body’s ability to lose weight.

The next step that Ripped Lean uses is that it helps boost thyroid function. Most people don’t realize that their thyroid can get warn down from time to time and giving it a boost is good for weight loss.

Lastly Ripped lean helps preserve muscle. Colleus Forkollii has been shown to help suppress high cortisol levels which in turn can help improve muscle development and weight loss. Cortisol is a hormone that can be released do to stress and poor diet and can damage the heart if too high.

Ripped lean hits all three things that can help improve weight loss. If you have been looking for a replacement for TwinLab’s Ripped Fuel or a good fat burner check out Ripped Lean by NutraStar Labs.

Possibly the Best: ThinQuik

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Uncategorized

Thinquik is one of our top selling diet pills because of its powerful thermogenic property along with its effective fat attacking capability. Many repeat customers comeback and purchase ThinQuik, but here at we also want to make sure that you are reaching your weight loss goals.


Most Effective Way to Lose weight

Dieting is the most effective way to lose weight while using an effective diet pill like ThinQuik. Calorie counting can be one of the most effective ways of losing weight, but what often happens with calorie counting is that it can cause people to be tired and sluggish. Supplementing with Thinquik can help with giving energy and boosting mood.


Are you looking for rapid weight loss? Have you noticed a belly in front of you that you don’t remember being there? We have a powerful fat burner that may be able to help with losing fat and to get rid of those love handles.


Let Thin Quik help you achieve a whole new body. ThinQuik can help you drop the pounds quickly. When you are ready for serious weight loss, ThinQuik is your choice. Be prepared for an appetite control, hunger craving suppression, and thermogenic fat burning experience like never before.


Best Ways to Lose Weight in a Month:

  • Stimulate Your Metabolism
  • Increased energy levels
  • Appetite suppression for Craving Control
  • Precise Formula to Get Results Faster than the best Diets and Exercise Alone


The strongest diet pills formula for fat loss available. Stronger than any diet pills at one-quarter the price. ThinQuik may be the best ways to lose weight fast.

Still keeping your Resolutions?

Written by thebigphil. Posted in Articles, Reviews

Was one of your New Years Resolutions to lose weight?

Whether you are trying to lose 10 pounds or 150 pounds, picking the right supplement and combining it with proper diet and exercise is crucial to your success.

Here at we have just about every diet and weight loss pill you could ever want. The problem with this is that how do you know which one to choose?

Let’s look at 3 different type of diet pills


Ephedra Diet Pills

Ephedra diet pills are generally for people who are looking to lose weight fast. A typical user has tried an ephedra product before and knows how their body will react. If you are a first time user of an Ephedra diet pill then you should start off very slow. Maybe take half of what the recommended dosage says.

There is a good chance you will be sweating. This is because of the thermogenic properties of most of these ephedra diet pills. These pills will usually get your blood pumping pretty good. This is why a lot of ephedra diet pills boast “lose weight without exercise”.

Be prepared for some intense energy and feeling of focus. This is a great way to start the morning before you hit the gym instead of the usual coffee thing. (from personal experience I do not suggest combining the two)

Geranium Based Weight Loss Pills

Geranium stem was the new “it” ingredient it seems last year.  The pill that I had the best results was Oxyelite Pro. They are the tiny purple pill that takes hunger suppression to a whole new level.  With a solid boost of caffeine you should feel your energy levels increases while also getting that thermogenic effect by increasing your metabolic rate.  It is possible that Geranium may help flush water weight from your body by acting as a diuretic.

Natural Diet Pills

No Ephedra here.  Natural diet pills are for those who have reactions to more potent diet pills. While many still have caffeine and some other no no’s they shouldn’t  have as many chemicals as some of their other counterparts.  These are just as good to me as ephedra diet pills and you will generally pay less.

If you are a first timer to diet pills this may be the route you want to start with.


Whatever your New Years Resolution we at wish you a great 2012 and beyond!


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