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Ripped Lean vs. Ripped Fuel

Written by Jules Riley. Posted in Reviews, Weight Loss

TwinLab Ripped Fuel fat burner was one of the best ephedra diet pills that was on the market at the time. Since then people have been looking for a replacement, and it has been reported that Ripped Lean by NutraStar is the closest thing that you can find.

The reason why people liked Ripped Fuel is because it gave quick intense energy and made people sweat, which lead to extra calories being burned and people looking good with their shirt off. Ripped Fuel was designed so that people could burn fat and still keep their muscle that they worked hard for.

Does Ripped Lean Do that?

Ripped lean uses three different things to help fight fat and preserve muscle.

First it uses caffeine; caffeine is a staple for anyone who is looking to get in shape. Caffeine gives energy, duh, but it also helps the body absorb nutrients.  Using caffeine is a safe and effective way to boost the body’s ability to lose weight.

The next step that Ripped Lean uses is that it helps boost thyroid function. Most people don’t realize that their thyroid can get warn down from time to time and giving it a boost is good for weight loss.

Lastly Ripped lean helps preserve muscle. Colleus Forkollii has been shown to help suppress high cortisol levels which in turn can help improve muscle development and weight loss. Cortisol is a hormone that can be released do to stress and poor diet and can damage the heart if too high.

Ripped lean hits all three things that can help improve weight loss. If you have been looking for a replacement for TwinLab’s Ripped Fuel or a good fat burner check out Ripped Lean by NutraStar Labs.

How to get Thin Quick?

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Reviews

Here at we pride ourselves in having the top diet pills on the market to help you get thin quick. One of the top selling diet pills is STG Supplements Thin Quik. This is an ECA diet pill that has been designed to help boost metabolism, energy, and decrease hunger. Let’s take a deeper look at Thin Quik.



ECA aka Ephedra, Caffeine, Asprin Stack is a well known stack in the bodybuilding and weight loss industry. The reason why it works so well is that is attacks fat and boost metabolism faster. Ephedra has been around for some time now and is known for it attacks on fat burning. Caffeine is great for increasing energy and keeping people focused while dieting. Aspirin helps with absorption and thinning of blood to increase blood flow, which can lead to a thermogenic state.



Thermogenics is helpful for people wanting to burn calories without having the extra work. Basically thermogenics works by increasing the metabolism of one’s body (giving someone a warm feeling) and in turn having them burn more calories without the extra work in the gym. This is great for people who sit at a desk all day or who isn’t able to get to the gym all the time.



Thin Quik uses two key antioxidants that can help repair DNA and increase energy. Acacia Rigidula and Green Tea are two great ways to help increase natural energy and at the same time repair DNA cells while dieting and strenuous exercise.



Yohimbe is an interesting supplement and has many mixed reviews. If supplemented at too high of a dosage it can lead to people having a queasy stomach, but if supplemented properly it can work wonders. Yohimbe attacks key fat cells that store around the butt, abdomen, arms and neck. Supplementing with yohimbe you can attack these areas and get thin quick.


Though Thin Quik has many supplements in it the combination of them all can lead to you getting thin quick, thus the name! Supplementing with Thin Quik can lead to results, and to get even faster results take this with a proper diet and workout routine.

Lipodrene vs. High Octane Ephedra

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Reviews

Ephedra Extract Diet pills are very popular but they can all offer different aspects to losing weight. Today we will be examining to Ephedra Diet pills that offers. We will be looking at Lipodrene and High Octane, these two top selling diet pills are great for losing weight but serve two different aspects.

Lipodrene, one of the best selling Ephedra Diet pills is used to help suppress appetite and give sustained smooth energy all day. Lipodrene is one of the favorite for many men and women because it shuts down appetite. The way many of our customers take Lipodrene is by taking half of the scored tablets throughout the day.

Here are some Lipodrene highlights:
•    Appetite Suppressant
•    Burn Calories
•    Assists to increase Metabolic Rate
•    Helps Reduce Subcutaneous Water Weight

Like mentioned previously Lipodrene is a top seller for, but over the last two years we have seen High Octane Ephedra diet pill build up in credibility. High Octane Ephedra is works a little different that Lipodrene and attracts a different kind of dieter. High Octane Ephedra is great for those who like the stimulated feeling and who need the motivation. High Octane gives a good kick for energy and boost thermogenics for extra calorie burns.

People like High Octane Ephedra Because:
•    Aids in blocking fat absorption and fat breakdown
•    Helps spare lean muscle tissue
•    Huge energy burst
•    Enhances concentration and alertness

Lipodrene vs. High Octane Ephedra is not really a fair comparison, but if we had to narrow it down to figure out which diet pill is right for you, this is what we would decide:

Lipodrene- For those of you looking to suppress appetite and keep up smooth energy all day, lipodrene is right for you.

High Octane Ephedra- For anyone looking to get crazy in the gym or for the day and wants to shred away fat, High Octane Ephedra is for you.

If you are looking to lose weight and keep it off, is the place for you to find the right product. Don’t settle for guessing and trial and error, give our awesome customer support a call (or e-mail) if you have any questions.


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