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Fitness before Christmas

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The holiday jumble is upon us and many people have not held to their New Year’s resolution and are now playing catch up so that they will look like they have been training these last ten months and do it in one month. Here is a quick and simple weight training program that will help with weight loss and help with muscle tone.


Why weight training?  Weight training burns more calories because of the amount of muscle that is being used. With a proper diet and weight training exercise many people are able to get quicker results that just cardio alone. Using low weight and up tempo workouts is a great way to shock the body and get fast results this holiday season. This routine is designed for both men and women and is not designed to make people bulky but to slim them down and improve muscle tone.

Day 1

Warm Up – 10 minutes

Kettle Bell Swing – 4×10

Bench Press – 3×12

Overheads – 3×20

Crunches – 300reps

Cardio – 10 minutes


Day 2

Warm Up – 10 Minutes

Dead Lifts – 4×10

Pull Downs – 3×12

Cable Rows – 3×20

Pull Ups – 2x Burnout

Cardio – 10 Minutes


Day 3

Warm Up – 10 minutes

Push Press – 4×10

Lateral Raises – 3×12

Shrugs – 3×20

V-Ups – 300 Reps

Cardio – 10 Minutes


Day 4

Warm Up – 10 Minutes

Squats – 4×10

Lunges – 3×12

Leg Curls – 3×20

Calf Raises – 2x Burnout

Cardio – 10 Minutes


Try to consume a high protein diet that consist of healthy fats and stay away from processed carbohydrates. Many of the carbohydrate sources that manufacture use have a lot of fillers to save money and the body has a difficult time processing it, which may lead to excess water weight and fat storage. Using rice, potatoes and yams instead is very helpful in fighting the cravings for bread.



Keep in mind this workout is for those who want to lose weight, so the higher the intensity the better. The more muscle you are breaking down the better for this will increase the amount of calories burned in and out of the gym. Cardio has been left open to whatever is desired, everyone is at a different fitness level so the cardio can differ. Use the scale that is on all the cardio equipment that informs you on fat loss heart rate.

Summer Physique Workout Day 4

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Day 4 is about burning calories and boosting metabolism towards the end of the work week. Doing legs burns more calories than any other lifting workout because it is such a large muscle group. This workout has a low rest time and really pushes the weight. By the end of this workout you should have a difficult time walking. Don’t go easy on the weight.


Legs Press – 20, 20, 20, 20, 20

First set is a warm up but after that load up the weigh to a weight that you know you can get 12 to 15 times and rep it out for 20.Don’t do a half press make sure to go down and really stretch the muscles and push it!


Calf Raises – 25, 25, 25, 25

Doing calf raises will give you a break from your legs, but you still need to really work the calf. Make sure to get a full calf flex when doing each rep.


Leg Curls – 10, 10, 8, 6

Time to give you that athletic look, leg curls work the butt and hamstring which makes you look more like an athlete.


Leg Extension – 10, 10, 8, 6

Girls don’t like guys with the same size legs as them. They want to feel like a skinny woman and having bigger legs than them gives them that feel. Building a strong quad head makes you legs look more athletic.


Decline Crunches – 12, 12, 12, 12

Yesterday we hit abs with weight, so today we will focus on body weight. With decline crunches make sure to go all the way down and all the way up. Really try to squeeze from bottom to top when doing this.


Ab Twist – 20, 20, 20

When you are on the decline move your body to 45 degrees and twist as fast as you can. This activates the obliques and improves the definition.


Crunches – 20, 20, 20

Finish strong by going back to the basics. Try to control your ab contraction, do this by breathing out as you move up and squeeze the abs.


If you want to increase muscle pumps and vascularity for the summer look into Compound 20 by USP Labs. This product has been stated to increase muscle pumps and give you a lean solid look.

Summer Physique Workout Day 1

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Articles, Men's Health, Men's Workouts, Women's Health, Women's Workouts, Workout Plans

Day One of our Physique Workout is to focus on activating growth in muscle early in the week. The overall goal with this workout is to increase strength and improve the physique for the summer. It will vary in reps to shock the body but is meant to push the body with heavy to high reps, tearing down muscle and improving overall physique.


Dead Lifts – 10, 10, 8, 8, 4

Dead lifts are one of the best lifts that one can do for overall physique. Dead lifts help activate natural hormones in which increase muscle growth and shred fat.


Split Squats – 12, 12, 10, 10

Put one of your legs up on a bench and squat down keeping your knee above your ankle. This will activate the quad head and hamstrings without putting any pressure on your knee. This helps tone the legs to help enhance the upper leg physique.


Donkey Calf – 20, 20, 20, 20

Donkey Calf raises stretch the calf muscle differently than standing or sitting and activates the entire calf muscle. Having a proper Physique you need to be well rounded and that includes sculpted calfs.


Shrugs – 12, 12, 12, 12

Load up the weight and try to get 12 reps. You can use dumbbells or barbell, but either way make sure you put on weight and try to squeeze out as many as possible hoping to hit 12. Developing the traps improves how you look with a shirt on and off.


Decline Crunches – 12, 12, 10, 10

Grab a weight and hold it directly above your head as you lay on a decline bench. As you move upwards keep the weight above your head. When you are vertical the weight should be directly above your head.


Crunches on Ball – 10, 10, 10, 10

Make sure to get a good stretch when performing this exercise. As you crunch in breathe out and squeeze your abs. After doing weight on the decline you should really feel the muscle contracting.


Planks – 30sec, 20sec, 20sec

By this point you are probably tired of doing a crunch so you get to watch TV, or least pretend that you are.


To help supplement with your summer physique I recommend that you take Anavite. Loaded with Beta-Alanine and Carnitine Tartrate to help metabolize fat and build muscle. This Multivitamin helps the body recover faster, so you don’t have to ever miss a training day.

2012 Workouts – Getting Ripped

Written by bigredhulk. Posted in Men's Health, Men's Workouts, Women's Health, Women's Workouts, Workout Plans

This is part two of our 2012 Workouts. If you missed our first article on Getting in Shape please CLICK HERE. If you have finished that workout and want some more you are in the right place! Though this is day two of the workouts this one will burn more calories and be more full body than the last workouts, this is why we call it the Getting Ripped. For those who are new these workouts are designed for those looking to cut fat and preserve muscle for the summer. Today we will also be talking about a supplement combo for weight loss.


Let’s get started on Getting Ripped Workout:


How to do Kettle Bell Swing

Kettle Bell Swings – 20, 20, 20, 20

-          Position the Kettle Bell or Dumbbell between your legs holding on with one arm. While holding the ‘bell’ squat down and let it hang.

-          Explode with your hips and swing the ‘bell’ upward keeping yrou arm straight and raise it up in front of your face

-          Let it fall back down while keeping your arms straight and your spine flat.


How to do Dumbbell Bench

DB Bench – 12, 10, 10, 8, 8

-          Rest the weight on your knees and kick the weight up while falling back and extending your arms. Once flat keep weight above your face.

-          When bring weight down it is important to control it and bring it past 90 degrees. Inhale as you bring the weight down.

-          Push the weight up while breathing out and keeping elbows out.


How to do Pull Ups

Pull Ups – 10, 10, 10, 10

-          Position hands a little wider than shoulder width apart. Make sure that you are hanging off of the ground.

-          Pull yourself to the bar, as you move up let your legs hang, arch your back, and bring the chest to the bar.

-          Once you reach the bar gradually move back down, once you are down keep shoulder straight and do not let them seep upwards towards your ears.


How to do Dips

Dips – 20, 20, 20

-          If you have an adjustable dip bar and you can either use a wide grip or a narrow grip it depends how strong your chest is. Closer grip focuses on triceps, and wider grip hits more of the chest.

-          When you move down make sure to bring your elbows to 90 degrees. Inhale as you move downward.

-          As you push upward breathe out. If you need with moving up you can kick off the ground, and then move down slowly.


How to do Stationary Row

Row Machine – 500 meters

-          Start with your knees at your chest and your arms on the outside of your legs.

-          Push off with your legs while keeping your arms straight, once your legs are straight (slightly bent) bend your arms and bring your arms to your chest.

-          Extend arms back out and bring your knee’s back to your chest.


How to do Crunches

Crunches – 300

-          Lay flat with knees bent, and flatten your lower back so it is pushed upon the ground.

-          Puts hands on your ears and bring your shoulders upwards contracting the abdomen, all the while exhaling.

-          Breath back in as you bring your shoulders back down and keep your lower back flat on the ground.


This is day two of our 2012 workouts. Remember to stretch afterwards and to control your breathing as you move through these workouts. For those of you who want and extra boost for losing weight, we here at offer supplements for men and women. For men we recommend the Alphatest – Nanostim Stack. This stack will boost Testosterone levels and decrease belly fat – it is the ultimate Testosterone and Pre workout Stack for the 2012 summer. For women we recommend the Fat Attcak Stack, which consist of Sub-Q Fat Burner and Shut-Eye Night time recovery.


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