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How to put on Muscle Fast: Bulking Workout and Supplements

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Winter is right around the corner and depending on what part of the country you live in you have about 3 to 4 months to put on size and get a bigger frame. During the winter months many men will begin their winter coat of fat, by eating more calories and lifting heavier. The idea behind putting on muscle is that you need to be taking in more calories than being burned, and consuming more protein than what is being used. This workout system is a four day split that focuses on compound heavy lifts with compound lifts to protect joints, and continue muscle fiber breakdown. These workouts should only take roughly 45 minutes.

Day 1 – Leg Workout

1)      Box Squats – 5×10

2)      Leg Press – 4×8

3)      Bulgarian Split Squat – 4×20

4)      Calf Raises – 5×20

Box Squats – Move slow as you move down and rest for a second on the bench then explode up. Leg Press – Stretch the hamstrings as you move down and flex the quads when you move up. Bulgarian Split Squats – Make sure to bend your knee to 90 degrees, use body weight to start out. Calf Raises – These can be performed sitting up or down, do whichever one that you please.

Day 2 – Chest Workout

1)      DB Bench – 6×10

2)      Close Grip Incline – 4×12

3)      Fly’s – 5×10

4)      Dips – 4×20

DB Bench – Go heavy and try to use weight to where you can barely get 10 reps. Close Grip Incline – Use thumb width, so a little wider than shoulders, and let it rest on the top of the chest and then push up. Fly’s – Use either machine or DB but make sure to really squeeze each rep and go relatively heavy. Dips – Body weight or weighted make sure that you go 90 degrees with elbows.

Day 3 – Back Workout

1)      Dead Lifts – 5×8

2)      Bent Over Rows – 4×10

3)      Lat Pull Downs – 3×20

4)      DB Pull Overs – 2×20

Dead Lifts – Go heavy, use proper form. Bent Over Rows – Try to keep your back as straight as possible while keeping your waist at a 45 degree angle. Lat Pull Downs – Use shoulder width grip or a little wider and hit the top of your chest.  DB Pull Overs – Lie horizontally on the bench and stretch out the back as you move down and squeeze the lats as you move up.

Day 4 – Shoulders / Arms Workout

1)      Military Press – 4×10

2)      Lateral Raises – 3×12

3)      Straight Bar Wide Grip Curls – 7×10

4)      DB Overhead Tricep Extension – 7×10

Military Press – This is the best compound movement to hit shoulders and increase strength. Lateral Raises – Try to hold the weight for half a second at the top of each movement. Straight Bar Wide Grip Curls – Go heavy and keep your elbows tight, having the hands wide can help with increasing width of the bicep. DB Overhead Tricep Extension – Make sure to go down to 90 degrees with each rep and use a weight where you may need a spot.


When bulking this winter it is important to stock up on the right supplements.

Anavite by Gaspari Nutrition – Using a multivitamin is helpful when putting on weight because it helps to increase the body’s ability to recover. Anavite is one of the best recovery multivitamins because it also uses the proper dosage of Beta-Alanine and Carnitine L-Tartrate.

Waximaize by IDS – Calories are absolutely crucial when bulking and using Waximaize makes it easy to fuel yoru body. You can mix it with Storm by Universal morning and an hour before workouts to help give you a better pump and increase your chances of putting on muscle fast.

Storm by Universal Nutrition – Creatine time and time again shows to be a valuable asset to building muscles and recovery. Universal Storm is a 4 creatine blend with other nutrients to help with loading muscle. Take Storm with Waimaize to increase absorption and improve muscle size.

L-Leucine Matrix by iForce – Studies have shown that spiking Leucine levels throughout the day is an effective way to increase strength and boost protein absorption. Take Leucine Matrix with the three major meals a day and notice the anabolic effects of this amino wonder.

Omega-3 by Champion Nutrition – Fish Oils are very important to building muscle and not getting hurt. Taking 1g of fish oils with three meals can help with joint, fat metabolism and muscle recovery. Fish Oils have also been shown to help aid in the transportation of Leucine so it is also helpful to supplement with Leucine Matrix.

Casein by Optimum Nutrition – Taking 40g of Casein before bed allows the body to continue to build muscle or stop muscle breakdown. If you are trying to build muscle it is absolutely important for you to be taking Casein before bed, or you are wasting a lot of time and money.

3 Weeks to a Bigger Chest

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If you feel like your chest is lagging and you want to improve chest size and power try this three week routine. This routine should be in addition to your weekly routine, it should just replace your chest routine. The goal here is to shock the pectoral muscles to give them a boost. This workout can be done once to twice a week, but make sure to at least have 3 days of rest between each workout.

This workout is brought to you by the Triple Threat Stack by Applied Nutriceuticals. While performing this workout try the Triple Threat Stack and see your body transform. This Stack consist of the pre workout Lit-Up, Testosterone booster Free Test, and growth hormone booster HGH UP.


Before each workout take 1-2 scoops of Lit-Up and feel the rush of energy and mental focus/aggression increase.

Week 1 Chest Routine

Weighted Dips – 10, 10, 10, 10

This compound exercise helps strengthen all the supporting muscles for benching. Starting out with this exercise can shock the chest more than bench. Make sure to warm up before adding weight on. It is important to feel the chest muscle stretch and as you come up squeeze and flex the chest.

Dumbbell Bench – 10, 10, 8, 6, 6

True chest strength lies in doing dumbbell bench. When going heavy don’t cheat yourself, but get deep and squeeze at the top. Try to do weight were you need a spotter. Your chest may be more tired than it usually is because of the dips.

Cable Flys – 12, 12, 12, 12

When performing these fly’s try to move at a slow pace and really stretch and squeeze the muscle. Think about each squeeze as if you were trying to push out anything that is not muscle. The last couple of reps may be difficult and it is ok to move faster but still control the weight.

Bench Dips / Push Ups – 12/10, 12/10, 12/10

With the bench dips you can add weight to your lap but it’s not crucial if you do. Try to perform these as fast as you can, make sure not to have rest between sets.


Take 2 capsule of FREE TEST before breakfast and lunch, this will help increase absorption and create a more anabolic state for the day.

Week 2 Chest Routine

Incline – 10, 10, 5, 3, 3

When performing incline try to bring the bar down above the collarbone. When you do this you will notice a better stretch across the upper chest. As you move down let the bar stay in the low position for two seconds and then push up. This will stretch the muscle but also help with pushing blood into the muscle – make sure to do this even with the heavy weight.

Tight DB Bench – 10, 10, 10, 10

This workout is similar to close grip bench but moves the wrist in a more explosive position. The wrist should be facing each other pointing in towards the chest. This workout is more explosive and is at a faster tempo. The moment the weight hits the chest you need to explode up, and then control it back down.

Decline Bench – 12, 12, 12

While doing decline bench make sure to do NEGATIVES. Negatives will shock the chest and because you are doing decline you should be able to do a good amount of weight.

Push Up Cross Overs – 12, 12, 12, 12

Finish the workout with stretching out the chest with another explosive exercise. Stack two 45lbs weight on top of each other and start with one hand on the stack and the other off to the side in a push-up position. Go down and as you come up push at move across so that the hand that was on the ground is now on the weight and the hand that was on the weight is on the ground. You should be on the other side of the plates after performing one push-up.


Take a full dose of HGH UP before bed to help create a deeper sleep and improve recovery. With HGH you will help keep feeding the muscles even while sleeping.

Chest 3 Chest Routine

Cable Fly’s – 20, 20, 20

Like the other flys that were performed in the previous week, it is important to really stretch and contract the weight in a controlled manner.

Bench Press – 10, 10, 10, 10, 10

Your chest should be warmed up by this point, try to put on a weight that you can barely get 10 reps. Use this same weight for all 5 sets, it is ok if you fail and don’t get the 10 reps.

Dumbbell Pull Overs – 20, 20, 12

Move slow through this exercise, really stretch the chest and tighten it as you move up.

Weighted Dips – 10, 10, 10

Finish strong with heavy dips. Your pecs should be tired at this point but try to do as much as possible.


After the three weeks on this workout you should notice a more developed chest. You will also hopefully notice a greater increase in strength, were not talking Hulk like strength but a good increase of 5 to 10lbs, in overall lifts.

Power Bodybuilding – Mike O’Hearn

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Have you ever wanted to know what the fitness guys do to make it on the front of the cover of magazines? Well Mike O’Hearn has been featured on more than 470 magazines and has been fitness model of the year 7 times. Mike O’Hearn is not your typical fitness model, he looks like a bodybuilder, but is strong, and I mean strong!

If you want to get size but also look like a male model you want to check out the Power Bodybuilding routine that Mike O’Hearn put together.

Before you get into doing the reps and throwing weights around, it should be noted that Mike O’Hearn recommends that you should do this workout for 12 weeks. The goal is that you do a power exercise first allowing full muscle shredding and emphasis on that muscle group. The next two workouts usually are a physique exercise which helps sculpt that particular muscle group.

Note: The warm up sets are not included, please make sure to warm up properly beforehand. Mike O’Hearn uses the first exercise as a part of the warm-up, using lighter weight and building up to his first set.


Back Workout

7×2 – Dead Lifts

5×10 – Dumbbell Rows

3×8 – Lat Pull Downs

Chest Workout

6×5 – Incline Press

5×10 – Flat Dumbbell Press

3×8-10 – Incline Flys

Leg Workout

7×3 – Squat

5×10 – Leg Press

5×10 – Leg Extension

Arm Workout

7×5 – Straight Bar Curls

5×10-12 – Focus Curls

7×6 – Skull crushers

5×10-12 – Kickbacks

5×20 – Forearm Curls

If you would like to add calves, abs or shoulders to the routine feel free, but the Back, Chest and Leg workouts were developed by Mike O’Hearn.

If you want to try this routine you may want a good recovery drink that will help put on mass. recommends that you try Size On by Gaspari Nutrition. Size On has 5 grams of Leucine which is necessary for full muscle potential. It also has 7 grams of fast absorbing protein which help promote rapid recovery; this protein is shuttled by proper calories.

Get started on the body that you want with Power Bodybuilding.

Summer Physique Workout Day 2

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This is day two of the summer physique workout plan, if you missed day one, click here. If you have done day one you should feel some tightness in the legs, core and traps. Today we will be focusing on the chest and side/ front shoulders. Having a broad chest makes you look good for summer with your shirt on and off. If you plan on spending time out in the sun, get your chest developed you way you want it.


Push Ups – Warm Up

Warming up with pushups may seem basic but when you properly warm up you are able to get more out of each rep when you begin to bench. Don’t try to exhaust yourself but warm up enough where you get a nice pump and you feel that your elbows and shoulders are nice and loose.


DB Flat Bench – 12, 10, 10, 8, 6

Go deep when you use Dumbbells; try to stretch your chest. When you stretch your chest with each rep you will notice a faster fatigue nut this will help broaden the chest and make it look wider.


Incline – 10, 10, 10, 10

Try to touch your chest as you come down. Use a closer grip when you do incline. What you should notice is that your chest feels more stretched when you come down and the upper chest should feel pumped.


DB Overheads – 20, 20, 20

Overheads are often thought of being a back workout but with this exercise try to focus on opening up the chest and getting a stretch when you go down. As you come up you don’t need to come all the way up but make sure to flex the chest when you come up.


Close Grip – 12, 12, 12

When you come down try to touch the bottom of your chest and keep your elbows tight. Squeeze your chest with every rep when pushing up. You will begin to notice that the whole chest is fatigued and very pump.


Lying Front Raises – 20, 20, 20

Lay face down on a bench, you can put the bench at a slight incline, and lift weight as you would a front raise. This exercise isolates the front deltoids and will give a good pump. You can use a barbell or dumbbells.


Incline Lateral Raises – 20, 20, 20

Position the bench at an incline and lay on your side. With your weight in the hand that is not against the bench, keep your elbow up, and bring the weight up. This lateral raise isolates the delts more than standing lateral raises and is usually performed with less weight.


Flys – 30, 20, 20

End strong and torch your chest! When you do your first set use a weight that you know 20 would be hard and rep it out, rest and continue until you hit 30. Use the same weight for the last sets.


If you want to keep the intensity up in the gym, try Craze by driven sports. If you enjoy intense workouts and getting the most out of each session in the gym, use Craze for your next workout and get CRAZY!


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