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3 Reasons why you should be using an Intraworkout

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Do you use an intraworkout?

For the typical gym rat there are only a couple of steps: workout, eat, sleep and repeat. I totally get this and loved those days when it was that simple. Lifting weights is a way of life for so many young gym goers, but many of them and other health enthusiast forget about some crucial supplementation. Most people know about the infamous preworkout and post workout. These two things have been pushed upon just about every person and advertised over and above almost as much as whey protein. Many people think of three things when it comes to supplementation – Whey protein, preworkout, and post workout. Though all of these are important I would argue that having one supplement may be more important than all three of those. All three of those products are important but they are not as crucial as the intraworkout.

Not all Intraworkout drinks are the same, so here is what to look for when it comes to finding the best intra workout. First, you need BCAAs, branched chain amino acids because they are essential to muscle growth. Make sure to find BCAAs that are 2:1 ratio or better and have at least 3g of L-Leucine in each serving. Second, you need electrolyes because hydration of the muscles is crucial during and after a workout. Lastly,  you need something that can help sustain energy and mood. There are many different ingredients that can help with this so it is up to your personal choice of ingredients when it comes to this.

Here are 3 reasons why you need an Intra Workout

  1. Intra workouts serve a greater purpose than just drinking during a workout. Intra workouts can be used before during and after. They are great at maintaining high nitrogen retention and muscle growth throughout the day and can be helpful for improving recovery time no matter when you take it.
  2. Intra workouts can be used in addition with a preworkout to help enhance the effects of the prewrokout. What many people don’t realize is that Intra workouts that contain BCAA and energy enhancers are very helpful when it comes to preworkouts. Intraworkouts can also be used instead of a preworkout if someone is sensitive to caffeine and doesn’t need the extra boost of energy before a workout.
  3. Intra workouts are helpful for any athlete. For any person who is looking to improve their current performance in the gym, the most important thing to be using is an intra workout. Preworkouts tend to get a positive push you because they are loaded with caffeine but not all are going to really help you with a workout. Post workouts are great but they are specifically designed for only drinking after a workout. The Intraworkout can help improve strength and recovery any time and most certainly during a workout.

If you are ready to get your hands on something that can really improve your lifts and fitness then it is time to start using an intraworkout. has a wide variety of intraworkout products that can help with all the things that are mentioned above.

Here are our top 3

    • Gaspari Aminolast
Best Intraworkout

Best Intraworkout

    • Beast Sports Aminolyte
Great Intraworkout

Great Intraworkout

    • ProSupps Aminolinx


Pro Supps means Quality

Pro Supps means Quality

Cenergy Amino Plex

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Looking for a great tasting, potent recovery formula. Sounds like you are looking for Amino-Plex

Looking for a great tasting, potent recovery formula. Sounds like you are looking for Amino-Plex

Amino Acids are very popular for muscle development. The issue that many people have faced when trying  amino acid formula’s is that they all taste a little different and mix diversly and sometimes it is difficult to really notice the distinction. There is a new formula that is going to change the game of recovery formulas and amino acids. Recovery is vital when it comes to any athlete. If you lift weights you need to repair muscle as you lift, maybe you are a sprinter and you need something that can help hydrate and recover muscle rapidly. No matter what kind of sport that you are in you will need a recovery matrix that will help improve muscle development.

Cenergy Amino Plex is the revolutionary muscle recovery amino acid drink that will help just about any athlete.

Vitamin C and B Vitamins

Amino Plex by Cenergy has both vitamin C and B vitamins. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant that can help with recovery and improve endurance. The combination of that and B vitamins can help with absorption of nutrients and to increase energy. If you take Amino Plex in combination with a preworkout you will quickly notice how it will enhance your preworkout by improving energy, and pump.

Amino Acids and BCAA’s

Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s are known to be one of the most functional workout supplements people should be taking while initiating in intense exercise. BCAA’s have been shown to help with actual muscle growth, other amino acids can help with preserving muscle, but if you are looking to build muscle it is important to use a product that has BCAA’s. Amino Plex also uses Glutamine and Lysine, which have been correlated to growth hormone production and recovery.


Some of you may have heard of HMB and most of have heard of the amino acid Leucine. HICA is a Leucine metabolite, very similar to HMB but has been shown to be more effective. HICA is a non hormonal anabolic Leucine metabolite that helps with increasing protein synthesis and muscle growth. You will begin to see many products have more and more of this product  due to its effectiveness.

Cenergy Amino Plex

If you are looking for a superior blend of amino acids, then look no further than Cenergy Amino Plex. There are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to recovery and workout drinks but Amino Plex covers all the bases with hydration, absorption, pump and recovery.

Beast Sport Nutrition

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Beast Creature







Beast Sport Nutrition has been around since 1995 and has become a reputable brand for many supplement users. Their creatine blend that is called Creature has been chosen as the #1 best creatine on the market by Muscle & Fitness 2012. Also their Amphetalean Powder has become quickly one of the best selling pre workouts for women. Today we will be highlighting the Beast Sport Supplements line. If you haven’t heard or tried their products yet then it is time to check them out.

2 Shredded: If you remember the old ECA blends and miss the feeling that you received from it then you will enjoy the stimulating fat burning effects of 2 Shredded. If you have hit a plateau in weight loss you may need the synergistic blend of 2 Shredded to cut the extra pounds.

Aminolytes: Amino acids are the building blocks of muscle and are crucial for any workout enthusiast. Unlike other amino acid drink, Aminolytes adds electrolytes along with other key amino acids to help the body fully recover. Aminolytes is a great way to keep the body fueled while working out without consuming the extra calories.

Amphetalean: This product comes in both pill and powder form and is designed to increase the amount of calories burned all the while retaining muscle mass. Many women like the powder formula before workouts because it does not contain creatine and still gives the energy to push through tough workouts.

Beast Mode: This pre workout formula has an appropriate amount of creation and pump ingredients that leaves the users muscles feeling full and primed for workouts. Beast Mode is a good formula looking to build size and increase strength.

Creature: This product also comes in pill and powder form. If you feel as though Creatine HCl doesn’t do it for you then Creature may be a good option. The blend of creatine that is in Creature is strong enough that one scoop is all you will need. If you way over 200lbs then you may want to up the dosage but for most users this product will be the creatine supplement for them.

Super Test: This is an all in one testosterone booster that will help boost nitric oxide levels and recovery along with natural test levels. If you have been looking for a testosterone booster that doesn’t have harsh side effects then using Beast Super Test is a great option. Super Test also come sin powder form so it can make it more easily accessible during the day to take.

Beast Sport Nutrition also carries weight gainer called Gargantua, a whey protein powder called Beast Whey, BCAA’s in pill form and a pill form pre workout called Predator. As you can tell, Beast Sport Supplements covers all the bases for supplements and can be used by anyone who is looking to take their workout routine to the next level.

MusclePharm Amino Acid Formula

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Amino Acids are the building blocks to protein and protein is the fuel in which yours muscles need to grow. This is a simple truth that many young lifters often forget. Most people know that they need protein, but they are less educated when it comes to which amino acids to take when it comes to actual muscle growth. This is why many people supplement with pure amino acid drinks. Many of these mixes have essential amino acids or EAA’s which have been shown to be very effective at improving muscle development.

The newest product by MusclePharm is a great blend of key amino acids. MusclePharm’s Amino1 is a blend of BCAA’s, cellular rejuvenating aminos and hydration. Some people will use just straight BCAA’s and other will use the combination of all EAA’s. Before you shrug off Amino1 as another Amino Acid drink look at these great things it has to offer.

Pump: A basic EAA blend will offer mild pumps, if none at all, but with Amino1 you will get vascularity and pumps. Amino1 uses Citrulline Malate, which has been shown to be more potent than Arginine at increasing nitric oxide in the blood. Amino1 also has Beet Root Extract with nitrates to increase nitrogen retention, leaving your body feel pumped longer.

Muscle Growth: Branched Chain Amino Acids or BCAA’s are known to be anabolic in the body. When one consumes BCAA their body is more receptive to increasing muscle fier rebuilding which leads to bigger muscle growth. BCAA’s can also be taken during the day to help improve recovery after a strenuous workout session.

Endurance: Amino1 uses Carnitine-L-Tartrate to help improve fat metabolism and mental alertness. Thought this form of carnitine is not a stimulant it has been reported to help increase focus. Along with carnitine Amino1 also uses CoQ10 and Glycine to help improve performance while working out. Both of these are very helpful with cellular energy and allows people to feel less fatigued during and after a workout.

Hydration: water to the muscles is very important when it comes to recovery. No one likes getting cramps during a workout, or any other time in the day. Proper hydration is key to a faster recovery. The Amino1 formula uses Coconut water extract, and Taurine to help fuel the muscle with hydration.

Final Thoughts

Amino1 is a good formula for just about any athlete that is looking for a good workout recovery formula and pump matrix. If you like Optimum Amino Energy, I think that this would be a great combination with that product for a pre workout formula. As a standalone I think Amino1 works well at an intra workout mix to help people push their limits in the gym. I would also recommend this product to those looking for something to sip on to help fight fatigue towards the end of the day.


Muscle Pharm Amino 1

Best Workout for Weight Loss

Written by Jules Riley. Posted in Articles, Women's Health, Women's Workouts, Workout Plans

Here at we want to help people reach their goals. One major goal that seems to be popular with many people is weight loss. We don’t just want to give you a pill, because this doesn’t solve the issue, it only helps to aid in weight loss. Here is a work out plan for weight loss. This may not be the best workout for weight loss, but it sure is good.


There are many different types of workouts, today we will be focusing on how to lose weight and maintain muscle mass. This program is developed by and can be used by anyone who has some experience in the gym. On the bottom there will be a little information about proper nutrition.


This routine focuses on high intensity, and many reps with little rest. Be aware that the goal is to maintain muscle mass so you will be lifting weights. Lifting weights has been shown to help increase fat burning and this is why it is applied.  This routine consists of 3 days of working out and 3 days of cardio.


Day 1

5-10min Incline Tread Mill

Body Squat – 20

Push Press – 12

Bent Over Row – 15

Burpee’s – 10

Push Ups – 20


Start with a steady speed and try to get your heart rate up without having to run, on the tread mill. You will do 3 cycles of this routine. In between each set rest 45 seconds, and when you are done with your first cycle rest for 90 sec. With the push press it is OK to explode with the hips using the legs to really push weight up. Try to use medium to heavy weight with all weighted exercises that you do.

Day 2

5-10min Incline Tread Mill

Kettle Bell Swing – 20

Bench Press – 10

Incline Crunches – 20

Leg Press – 20

Pull Ups – 10


Remember you want to boost your heart rate before you workout to get the metabolism revved up and ready to go. Also, warming up helps to get the body primed for a workout. If you cannot get a kettle bell you can use a dumbbell. When performing the swing you can use one arm and switch or both – either way you need to perform 20 repetitions. Medium to heavy weight with any exercises with weight. Same as last time, 45 seconds rest between sets 90 seconds rest when done with first cycle. Perform these exercises three times.


Day 3

5-10min Incline Tread Mill

Dips – 12

Leg Lifts – 20

Skull Crusher – 12

Australian Pull Ups – 15

Sit Ups – 20


You can use assisted dips if need be but make sure to use as little resistance as possible. Use heavy weight when using weights, which is just skull crushers. When you perform the sit ups, do them where you come all the way up – it is not a crunch it is a full sit up. Use your arms to help swing you up if need be.

Weight loss Workout Plan

This is the routine for weight loss. Also remember that the three days that you are not working out are days when you need to be doing cardio. When losing weight you will drop the amount of calories consumed, when you do this make sure to be getting the appropriate amino acids in your body. One way to preserve muscle mass while losing weight is consuming Branched Chain Amino Acids.


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