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Let’s be honest, we are not as healthy as we could be. Even those of us who try to be healthy could benefit from being a little more healthy. Well, this article has 10 WAYS TO STAY HEALTHY.

10 ways to stay healthy

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Often overlooked when talking about health, oxygen is the most important thing for our bodies. We can go weeks without food, days without water, but try holding your breath and you will quickly learn the importance of oxygen. Think of it- if your health is ever in need of help (going to the hospital, having a very old body, etc) oxygen is administered to help your body function. It helps everything. Unfortunately, due to pollution and deforestation, the oxygen levels in our air have been decreasing. So, we need to supplement our oxygen intake, which can be done in a few ways that do not require hauling around a heavy O2 tank.


1- Exercise

When we exercise, we breathe deeply. This forces oxygen into our blood and muscles, improving overall body function. The benefits of exercise are numerable and essential for maintaining health. In case you were unaware of how incredible the benefits of exercise are, check out this video; it might change your life.



2- Yoga

For thousands of years the benefits of yoga have been known. One of the main reasons yoga is so beneficial is that it helps put more oxygen into the body. If you can think of your body as a wrinkled shirt, yoga helps to iron out all the wrinkles. This helps oxygen flow more efficiently to all your extremities. Also, yoga improves lung capacity, which, of course, means more oxygen. Further, yoga can help increase your strength, posture, and flexibility. Through the practice of yoga, more oxygen is brought to the brain. This helps to improve mood and concentration. Try it right now; do some good stretches then relax and feel a rush of endorphins and well-being.


3- Meditate

The benefits of meditation are quite extensive, including: decreased stress, depression, anxiety, cholesterol levels, blood pressure, hypertension, and increased immune function, DHEA (an anti-aging hormone), and overall sense of well-being. This list goes on and on and there are hundreds of scientific studies documenting the benefits, but we are looking at the specific benefit of helping the body to use oxygen more efficiently. Meditation helps us to use the oxygen in our body in a more effective and helpful manner. Also, many meditation techniques involve deep breathing exercises. To learn more about mediation check out this article:





4-Drink More Water

Since our bodies are mostly water, by constantly changing in the water, it will lead to better health. Just like water in a fish bowl, the less we change it, the dirtier it gets. Water helps to flush out toxins, so by not drinking enough water, we are actually poisoning ourselves. Unfortunately, the average person is dehydrated. We do not drink nearly as much water as we should. But how much water should we drink? Well, the environment, how much we sweat, and our diet, all contribute to the appropriate amount; however, a simple rule is the 8 by 8. This means drink 8 glasses that contain 8 ounces water, or a half gallon a day. However, if you drink coffee, tea, or alcohol, all these beverages dehydrate you so you should drink water. If you exercise, you should drink more water. If your climate is dry, you should drink more water. If you eat processed food, you should drink more water. If you are tired, you should drink more water (the #1 cause of fatigue is mild dehydration). Just so the message is clear- Drink More Water!




Shocking as it might be, the quality of our food directly reflects the quality of your health. If we are to get healthier, we need to eat healthier food and adopt healthy eating habits.  First, avoid hopping on the bandwagon and going on a trendy diet. If you want to lose weight, you just need to burn more calories than you are eating. It is as simple as that. To keep the systems of our bodies more balanced, it is better to eat six small meals instead of three big meals. However, we need to be mindful to not snack on junk food.


5- Eat Raw and Organic Food

Too often we make food choices based on convenience, but luckily, eating raw fruits and veggies is quick and easy. Also, they are packed with the nutrition our body needs to function properly and contain powerful antioxidants which helps remove toxins and free radicals. Aim to eat as organic as possible. This means the food was not sprayed with poisonous pesticides or chemical fertilizers. Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are increasingly being sold in grocery stores. Often, these have had pesticide genetically added to the plant itself. So, this is why I would suggest eating organic, unless you don’t mind eating food that causes insect stomachs to explode.


6- No Soda or Artificial Sweeteners

Sodas are primarily sugar and acid. They can increase fat build up around the liver and bones and increases risk of diabetes. They can accelerate the aging process and cause cancer. The likely hood that the corn syrup came from GMO corn is pretty high. Some turn to “diet” soda which is loaded with artificial sweetener. Ironically, diet soda causes the body to develop a large gut. A 10-year study by the University of Texas Health Science Center discovered that subjects who drank more than two diet sodas a day had a 500% waist expansion! Artificial sweeteners are extremely unhealthy. Rather than showing studies of how horrible they are for your health, I would like to suggest some natural sweeteners; honey, molasses, maple syrup, stevia, agave, and brown rice syrup. So, if you want a sweet, please pick one that is not poisonous to your health.




7- Sleep Enough

To this day, scientists do not know exactly why we need sleep, but if we don’t sleep we will die.  We can easily recognize the benefits of getting a full night sleep, and probably easier feel the effects if we do not get enough. Often to make it through the day, we consume stimulants to help us with the lack of sleep. Although caffeine can help suppress sleepiness, it actually puts a great deal of stress on the body. But even if we don’t have that cup of coffee, our lack of sleep will catch up with us. Adults should get around 8 hours a night, but remember, everybody is different. However, sleep should be done in total darkness, wear a sleep mask if necessary, but even a tiny amount of light can upset the chemical balance necessary for a body to get quality sleep. Having a set sleep schedule is also beneficial. Our sleep occurs in cycles, they body likes it this way. This even includes sleeping at the same time every day. Working out can help improve the quality of one’s sleep. And getting adequate sleep can prevent over eating too!




When discussing ways to be healthy, the role of one’s attitude is rarely discussed. The most chronic medical problem in the US is high blood pressure. Of course diet and lifestyle play a huge role in hypertension, so does stress. So, if we could positively affect our stress levels and overall well-being, we can reduce the negative impacts stress has on our bodies, including hypertension.


8- Laugh More

To quote the comedian Jack Handy, “Dad always thought laughter was the best medicine, which I guess is why several of us died of tuberculosis”. Obviously is this is a (dark humored) joke, however it demonstrates a strength of laughter of turning even the worst situations into ones that are at least a little more tolerable. Humor can diffuse conflict and help us connect with other people. Health wise, laughter can offer us some wonderful health benefits. Laughter can decrease stress and physical tension up to 45 minutes after laughing. It helps to relieve fear and anxiety and improve mood. Having a good, hearty laugh can decrease pain, boost immunity, and even prevent heart disease. So, try to make it a point to increase how often you laugh- for your health!


9- Stay Positive

If we want to live long, healthy lives, why don’t we just ask those who have lived the longest, healthiest lives what they did? According to centurions (people who live more than 100 years), aside from staying active, maintaining a positive mental attitude was the most important factor to staying healthy. Staying positive and optimistic seems to be the mental states which correlate with optimum health. The more we can practice and learn how to maintain a positive mental attitude, the better off our health will be J


10- Balance

Balance is the key to health. Even being unhealthy can be good, because it is balance. Okay that sounds weird, but if we never got sick, we would never have the antibodies to fight off infection. Remember having the chicken pox as a small kid, well getting them as an adult can kill you! But more importantly with balance, is moderation. Yes, we might have a vice, such as enjoying wine, well having a glass or two is actually healthy for your heart. However, too much wine and your body will remind you it was unhealthy the next morning. Also, we need to stay balanced with our professional and personal lives. We have to make money, but we also need to spend time with the kids. We need to do chores but we also need to hang out with friends. Many studies show that people with many friends actually get sick less than those who do not. Remember, being healthy is about our quality of life. The secret is achieving a balance.



How many calories do I need?

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How many calories do you need?

How many calories do you need?

Weight loss is not as easy as some magazines make it. When you walk through the market you begin to notice how each magazine has a new way to lose weight. What you will soon begin to realize is that many of these weight loss articles use calorie consumption to help people lose weight. So this brings to question, how many calories do I need to lose weight?

Calorie counting is an old fashioned way to lose weight, but it has its flaws. Some people don’t realize that eating calories that come from simple carbohydrates doesn’t help with losing weight. Simple carbohydrates break down quicker and if not used up right away can convert into fat. So when you are counting calories make sure that your calorie sources come from complex carbohydrates or no carbohydrates at all.

Another thing to be aware of when counting calories is that lifting weights builds more calories than cardio. If you are eating a low calorie meal you need to be aware of the catabolic state that you could put your body into. What many think is that if they eat less calories and burn more than they consume, then they will burn fat. This is not true! Your body feeds off of glucose, if your body does not have glucose (comes from calories) then it will begin to use muscle instead of fat as an energy source. This is why it is important to eat a healthy range of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to count calories, eat the amount you will burn but make sure that it is spread out throughout the day and specifically around your workout. Also supplementing with R-ALA, Carnitine, and Fish Oils will be a great help to you in cutting fat. R-ALA helps with restoring glucose while counting calories. Carnitine uses fat for energy allowing the body to burn fatter than if not taking carnitine. Fish Oils are a good fat, and is important in the process of burning fat and making sure that your body is still functional when cutting up.

Counting calories is a good way to lose weight but there are many things to be aware of when you do it. Make sure to continually listen to your body and use fruit for energy if you are feeling sluggish.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to count calories, eat the amount you will burn but make sure that it is spread out throughout the day and specifically around your workout. Also supplementing with R-ALA, Carnitine, and Fish Oils will be a great help to you in cutting fat. R-ALA helps with restoring glucose while counting calories. Carnitine uses fat for energy allowing the body to burn fatter than if not taking carnitine. Fish Oils are a good fat, and is important in the process of burning fat and making sure that your body is still functional when cutting up.

Eat more fruit

Eat more fruit









Counting calories is a good way to lose weight but there are many things to be aware of when you do it. Make sure to continually listen to your body and use fruit for energy if you are feeling sluggish.

How do I get ripped?

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Wanna get ripped?

For some people it is easy for people to put on muscle, and for others it is easy to have a six pack. Many people want to know, how do I get ripped? First we need to explain what being ripped is. Being ripped is more than just a six pack; it is having broad shoulders, a sculpted chest, and defined muscles. The mistake that many people make is that they just sit there doing crunches hoping to be ripped. If you want to be ripped, here are three key things to keep in mind while pursuing this goal.


Fat has been thought of as being a curse for people looking to get ripped, but many fatty acids are crucial in developing a ripped physique. The two most popular forms of fats that are important to building a ripped body are DHA and EPA. We recommend that you use the fish oil form, but we are not against using Sesame, Flax Seed or Safflower. Studies have shown that fish oils have a greater impact over other sources but we also realize that not everyone can take fish based products. The reason why fatty acids help with getting ripped is because it helps with metabolizing bad fat and building muscle. If you are someone who has a low fat percentage, but can’t put on muscle, using fish oils in your diet can help boost muscle performance by giving you more fat in your diet, without causing negative effects.


One thing that many people don’t realize is that running for miles doesn’t get you ripped it gets you skinny. If you want to be ripped you need to be more explosive with your workouts. This can consist of sprints, box jumps, or explosive lifts. Performing explosive lifts like hang cleans or squats helps burn more calories while building ripped muscles. Many explosive exercises also activate the core, which helps with definition with getting a six pack. It is a waste in time running on the treadmill for an hour. Be more effective with your time in the gym, but being more explosive with your exercises.


Getting a solid 8 hours of rest a night is the easiest way to get a ripped body. I know it sounds counter intuitive to sleep and get ripped but stick with me. When the body is sleeping this is when it gets the most recovery, so it is important to sleep around 7 to 8 hours a night but it is also important to be feeding your body while you are sleeping. Loading up with BCAA’s and a night time shredder, like ProSupps Crash, will help you get the results you are looking for. Do not neglect sleep, or the results will not be as rapid as you would like them.

These are the ways to get ripped

If you have been struggling with getting ripped, or slimming down and you haven’t tried these three things, give it a shot. There are many theories on how to get ripped, and this way may work for some and not for others. We are confident that these three tips will help with improving body physique, and these are just the staples. We cannot push you in the gym, so if you need help their maybe seek and find a trainer or get a workout buddy to help push you.

Get Pumped with GAT ADENOFLEX

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Can GAT ADENOFLEX help you get the kind of pumps that you are looking for in the gym?


One of the main reasons people go to the gym is because they want to look better. Some want to lose weight, but others want to have bigger, more defined muscles. What guy wouldn’t mind looking a little more ripped? For some of us, after a good workout, we look in the mirror and see our muscles are bigger, more pronounced, and we are lookin’ good. But is there a way to help our muscles look bigger after a workout? The answer is yes.


Gat Adenoflex

Gat Adenoflex

There are several ways to look more buff and it depends on which parts of the muscles are voluminzing. In a nutshell, there are 3 cellular levels we can aim to keep swollen; the blood, muscle and plasma. What is often referred to as muscle pump (think, “I’m going to pump you up”), is how the muscles expand as they are filled with blood and lactic acid while you are working out. However, the muscle pump goes away as you quit working out. But, there is a way to retain your pumped up muscles after your work out; and further there are ways to increase how much you can pump up on each of the three cellular levels.


First is blood. The more blood you can get into your muscles, the bigger they’ll look. This can be done in several ways. Vasodilatation (vaso = blood vessels, dilatation = expansion) allows more blood to fill up your muscles. Both agmatine and NAC (n-acetyl-cysteine) are widely used by body builders to increase pump.


Getting blood to the muscles is good, but there are ways to increase the volume in the blood itself. This is done through creatine. Creatine increases the amount of plasma in your blood. Blood is normally about half plasma; so if you get more blood to your muscle, then expand the plasma in the blood, you will see even lager muscles!


There are ways of swelling the muscle itself. Glycogen is needed to make muscles, which comes from glucose. These resources can get depleted. Chromium can be supplemented which helps the glucose intake into muscles cells.


ADENOFLEX by GAT contains high levels of each of these supplements. It was specially formulated to help to significantly increase your muscle pump as well as maintain your pump for longer. Further, it can increase strength and advance exercise-induced lean mass.


Importantly, the benefits of ADENOFLEX occur in single use but also in repeated use. If you are looking for a hardcore post-workout pump, go with GAT ADENOFLEX and stay pumped up.

Get your Adenoflex

Get your Adenoflex

MuscleTech Amino Build

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Hitting the gym hard requires a lot of strength, but more importantly it requires strong, healthy muscles. And if you are trying to add muscle mass, you will need amino acids to build those bulky muscles. The body can produce some amino acids on its own, but there are several that need to be supplemented by diet. That is why MuscleTech created Amino Build. Their BCAA+ (or branch chain amino acids) formula was designed to give your workout a powerful punch. This could help you blast through reps like never before.

best recovery formula

MuscleTech AminoBuild











  • Increases strength by over 40%*
  • Enhances endurance with first dose*
  • Volumizes muscles during training*

The BCAA Matrix is 100% freeform; the molecules of each amino acid are singular. This means that they are more easily available to use directly for increasing muscle mass. They can be digested rapidly thus allowing them to be immediately absorbed into the bloodstream. Other supplements and proteins require time for your body to digest and break down before they can help build muscle. Taking this post-workout will offer your body immediate building blocks for muscle growth and recovery, but the benefits taking this pre-workout are even better.


This superior BCAA+ amino acid formula could help to increase muscle strength by over 40%!!! Can you imagine exploding through your routine? Well, a 4 gram does of Leucine could help. Leucine is an essential amino acid, which means the body cannot make it so it has to be ingested from an outside source. MuscleTech Amino Build is a convenient way to deliver a hefty amount of this essential amino acid straight to your blood stream.

Going to the gym can be rewarding, especially if you are noticeably becoming stronger and building noticeable muscle gain.  MuscleTech Amino Build was made to help body-builders reach their goals. If you are ready to destroy what you thought you could do at the gym, then get ready to try MuscleTech Amino Build.

Great Amino Formula

Great Amino Formula

   * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.


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