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Deciding to go on a diet can be a complete change in lifestyle. People can find such a shift quite difficult, especially if they have never done something like it before. One should look to friends and people in their social circles for not only support and what to eat in a low carb diet, but also for tips on keeping the costs low.

Low Carb Diet – Tips

When one starts a no carb diet for the first time, it can be difficult deciding what to eat and buy. As a general rule, shop on the outskirts of the grocery store. This is generally where the whole foods are. However, there are plenty of low carb diet bars available.


EGGS- Eggs can be quite cheap and are little grenades of protein. Have scrambled eggs for breakfast or an omelet with veggies. Hard-boil them for a quick snack or chop them up, add celery, onion, and full fat mayonnaise. You can make your own mayonnaise by whipping eggs, salt, mustard, vinegar, and oil (try to use olive oil, cod fish liver oil, or melted butter).


NUTS and SEEDS- These are a convenient snack and great to add to salads. Although nut butters can be expensive, a jar of almond butter could last you a long time. Peanut butter is even cheaper and putting it on apples or celery will make you want to shell out a little more for this delicious snack.


low carb dietANIMAL- The big tip with animal protein is to cook it yourself. Ordering steak at restaurant could have you forking over a lot of money. Instead, have a barbeque and make a ton of leftovers. For convenience, shop for dried sausages like pepperoni or summer sausage. Being preserved allows for a longer shelf life, which can mean a cheaper price. Canned fish and frozen fillets can also be a wallet saver.



PROTEIN POWDER- Having whey protein drinks are quick and easy meals or snacks. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully because many protein shakes have tons of carbs to help gain body mass. However, there are plenty of low carb protein supplements available.



Having dietary restrictions, such as a low carb diet, will set you apart from the typical American diet. Cooking and preparing your own food can help you save a LOT of money. Remember, by going on a diet, you are not just changing your diet; you are changing your lifestyle. So, doing things different like carrying your own food and bringing your lunch to work is a part of it. This can also include going to different stores than you are used to.




Prices of food vary greatly depending on where you get them. Believe it or not, dollar stores can have an extensive produce and frozen food sections. In fact, I have seen the same package of pepperoni at a dollar store for 6 times as much at a regular grocery store. Dollar stores often change their stock too. Ethnic grocery stores are another place to get cheap food. Whether it is Middle Eastern, South American, Eastern European, etc. You can find great deals on produce, meat, and maybe find your next favorite canned food. Living in the southwest, I can get an avocado for a dollar or 5 for a dollar at a Mexican grocery store. Save money, give it a try!


Going on a diet does not have to be expensive, but it will take some careful considerations, research, and commitment. Doing anything is easy if you have a ton of money to throw away.  But, to empower yourself and maintain control over your life, it will take effort to change your lifestyle.

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