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Human growth hormones are not all the same. There are a lot of options out there on what you can take. Probably the biggest two that people know about are spray and pills. Many of the oral hgh sprays have a homeopathic way of functioning. Homeopathic means that it uses trace amounts of real growth hormones to hopefully trick your body into producing more HGH. The oral pills usually consist of amino acids that help the pituitary gland to become more responsive and shoot off more growth hormones naturally.


Here are our Top Three Sellers:


GHR15 is an all natural Hormone releaser that builds on the historic HGH anti-aging breakthroughs. Slashing costs and offers an alternative to expensive HGH injections. GHR15 is a formulaic blend, which is taken orally and created to absorb quickly and effectively in the stomach. From there it is transferred to the Pituitary Gland where you begin it triggers the production of your own growth hormone HGH. Almost immediately you will begin to see the benefits of HGH return and the signs of aging disappear making you look and feel younger.


Growth Hormones Schwartz Labs

In a randomized, placebo controlled study, older adults between 45 and 86 were randomly assigned our HGH formula or a placebo. Subjects receiving the HGH treatment had a 10.8% decrease in body fat, 4% decrease in weight and 151.5% increase in IGF-1 levels. IGF-1, or insulin-like growth factor, is an indicator of growth hormone secretion. This means that our HGH formula actually stimulated the subjects’ natural production of human growth hormone. Subjects receiving our HGH formula also had significant improvements in muscle tone, strength, hair growth, sex drive and performance, and energy levels. This is a great longevity product.


HGH Up Applied Nutriceuticals

When it comes to growth hormones if you spike it, it will come down. The faster you add on muscle from using hormonal products, the harder your body tries to maintain homeostasis (a sense of normalcy). Unfortunately, the resulting production of antagonistic, muscle-destructive catabolic hormones often erases a big chunk of the gains you just made.

HGH UP from Applied Nutriceuticals is suggested to promote natural GH and Testosterone production!

Take a look at the product characteristics

-Supports the output of growth hormone

-Promotes mean serum GH levels


Select ingredients in HGH UP are suppressive to factors that inhibit HGH.

Professional and top-level amateur bodybuilders have also caught on to this secret, and have been taking several of these ingredients for incredible results!


HGH Activator Conclusion

As you can see Human Growth Hormone Activators all have a different way of functioning, this can be a good or bad thing. The good side of it is that each HGH way respond differently with you and you could possibly begin to stack each one to get the most desirable results. The bad side is that it could lead to some HGH activators that don’t work for you, remember each product may work differently for each individual, so it could take trial and error. Don’t give up! Find the one that works for you and cycle it properly. HGH has a lot of health benefits that can help make you life a lot easier as you get older, so it is important to supplement with HGH activators for longevity and muscle building.

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    The only benefit you’ll receive from HGH is increase in muscle mass growth(and only if your an intense weightlifting enthusiast). There are many more negatives than benefits including various forms of lethal cancers and severe intestinal bloating(roid gut).


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