BluCetin – A Cure For A Hang Over?

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How many times have you said these phrases?

  • I would do anything for a cure for a hangover
  • If my head stops hurting I will never drink again
  • I am getting too old to go out drinking

How often have you scoured the internet looking for a Cure For A Hangover?

Well, what if I told you there was a NEW University Licensed Hang Over Remedy that might be able to help you with all of these? Interested yet?

Cure for a hang over

How to cure a Hangover

If you are prone to nasty hangovers then BluCetin may be the cure for a hangover that you are looking for.

A hang over can render you a worthless mess for the next day or for some of us, possibly the next few days. How many of you have stumbled like a zombie into work and have seen your productivity meter reading at double zero’s?  Have you ever had to attend an important event but drank one too many the night before?

How does BluCetin work?

BluCetin – DHM, the molecule discovered by the UCLA research team, blocks the GABAa receptors preventing and/or reducing loss of coordination and slurred speech. However, it does not prevent the increase of dopamine in your brain so that feeling of euphoria you experience with a drink or two will still be there. The research also showed that DHM significantly reduced the typical hangover symptoms associated with consumption of alcohol.



What if there was actually a REAL cure for a hangover.

Benefits of BluCetin

  • Protect Your Brain
  • Restore normal Brain Function
  • Recover with a good night’s sleep

Based on research conducted at the UCLA Medical Center to:

  • Increase your ability to remain alert, focused and in control while drinking
  • Safely alleviate the negative side effects of social drinking
  • Reduce the unpleasant side effects associated with hangovers

I have personally tried BluCetin and I have experienced AMAZING results. It is my new go to hangover relief product and when anyone asks me how to cure a hangover I am quick to introduce them to BluCetin.


You can get a 30 pack for 34.99 while we are introducing this product.

Think back to the last time you had a debilitating hangover. Would you pay 35 bucks in a heartbeat to make that pain, nausea and worthless feeling go away? I sure would.

But you aren’t just getting 1 instance of Hangover Protection, you are getting enough for 15 go arounds (serving size 2). 15 times that your head is pounding so hard you can’t think straight, 15 times you can’t stop running to the bathroom, 15 times you just want to stay in bed with the lights off. Do the math, this is a no brainer.

Taking BluCetin Before


  • Stay more alert
  • Stay more focused
  • Help prevent loss of coordination
  • Help prevent slurred speech
  • Help prevent lack of inhibition



Taking BluCetin During


  • Maintain feelings of euphoria
  • Enjoy the “buzz”
  • Stay more alert
  • Stay more focused
  • Help moderate loss of coordination
  • Help minimize slurred speech
  • Help moderate lack of inhibition



Taking BluCetin after


  • Reduce the classic handover symptoms the morning after
  • Enjoy a more restful night of sleep


There you have it. If you are tired of out date hangover cures and old wives tales not doing the trick. BluCetin just might be the hangover remedy you have been searching for.

Reclaim Your Mojo

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February is the month of love and some of you might need a little mojo to get you moving. First we should clarify what mojo is. Mojo is that unstoppable feeling when around the opposite sex. If you feel like you have lost your mojo and you are wondering how to get it back, check these products out. The first product is for women and the second product is for men.


So ladies if you are looking for a product that will make you feel good as well as look good, try Gaspari Detonate. Detonate by Gaspari is a great mood booster and fat burner. Detonate uses a unique extract form the Dendrobium plant. This ingredient has been shown to elevate mood. This extract combined with all the other potent fat burners in it can help tighten the body and make you feel sexy and confident.


Now for you men, if you feel as though you have lost your confidence, it may be because of low testosterone. Low testosterone can lead to weight gain, and muscle softening. It may be time to try a natural solution to help get your testosterone levels back up and to give yourself a nice little pump. BEAST Super Test naturally raise testosterone levels while also giving a nice muscle pump.  After about two weeks you may begin to notice that your mood is better and you have more confidence in the gym and elsewhere.


Here are three aphrodisiac foods that can also help bolster your fun side.


Chocolate – Chocolate is a feel good food. Eating dark chocolate helps people feel better which can also lead to a heighten effect during arousal.

Watermelon – Though watermelon may not be a direct aphrodisiac, it does help with blood flow which can help enhance the sensitivity during arousal for both men and women.

Oysters – One of the most well known aphrodisiacs is oysters. Oysters contain compounds that have been shown to be effective in releasing sexual hormones such as testosterone and estrogen

We at hope you all had a wonderful Valentine’s Day and that you enjoy the rest of this love month, the month of February.


How to not put on extra pounds during the holidays

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The holiday season is always one of mixed emotions for those who are consciously wanting to stay healthy. The battle for many people, is the balance of how much food to eat and how to enjoy the company of others. The holiday season is full of getting together with friends and family, having a joyful time and eating and drinking. The average person gains 10 lbs during the holiday season and this isn’t counting muscle. Once again there is a balance of being with friends, enjoying the food, and watching your diet.

Here are a few tips on how to fight the temptations of eating too much, and helpful ways to maintain your weight during this holiday season.

1)      Eat some healthy fats before you go out with your friends. Eating Almonds, Cashews, and other forms of nuts is a simple way to help give the body a sense of fullness without having to eat much. Having a can of Planters Nuts in your car can help you maintain weight and fight those temptations when out and about.

2)      Drink black coffee when you are feeling like you want a sugary soda pop or a piece of pie. Drinking coffee has been shown to help naturally and safely boost metabolism. Sipping on a cup of coffee for dessert is a healthy and effective way to fight the sweet tooth that you may have. Also drinking coffee before a meal can help suppress the appetite. Caffeine has been shown to help mildly reduce appetite and increase mood. If you drink a cup of black coffee before a meal or before you go out to hang with friends, it can help put you in a good mood and reduce those naughty hunger cravings that may cause you to stumble.

3)      Eat Fruit when you have a craving for something sweet. The sugar in fruit is metabolized differently than in the desserts that will be made at the holiday table. If you know that this will be a problem for you, you can make a ‘dessert’ dish that consists of fruit and you can allow yourself to have a healthy treat without overindulgence.

4)      Use Green Coffee Bean and Raspberry Ketones to help fight fat storage and to increase metabolism. Dr. Oz mentioned both of these products to be powerful and healthy ways to lose weight. Due to their low cost and effectiveness, many people will be using these products during this holiday season to help them maintain their hard earned body.

Don’t let the holiday 10lbs scare you, use these 4 simple tips to help you stay healthy. Also, try to stay active this holiday season, don’t allow yourself to get out of your routine of going to the gym, and have your friends or workout partner keep you accountable.

Who won Mr. Olympia

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The 2012 Olympia has been completed and the results are out on who won the Olympia. Here are the Top 3 winners in each event…

Mr. Olympia  

1. Phil Heath

2. Kai Greene

3. Shawn Rhoden


1. James Flex Lewis

2. David Henry

3. Eduardo Correa

Ms. Olympia

1. Iris Kyle

2. Debi Laszewski

3. Yaxeni Oriquen


1. Erin Stern

2. Nicole Wilkins

3. Candice Keene


1. Adela Garcia

2. Oksana Grishina

3. Tina Durkin


1. Nathalia Melo

2. Nicole Nagrani

3. India Paulino

Old Indian Cherry Bark Syrup

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The Cherry could be considered a super fruit. What many people do not know is that the cherry bark is also nutrient rich. The American Indian used wild cherry bark to help with fighting cold symptoms and fighting sickness. Though they didn’t know how it worked they knew that it worked well, especially for helping with breathing. There are so many different valuable things it can do to help aid in someone’s health. Whether you are a man or women the wild cherry is something that can help with breathing, antioxidants and supporting proper blood health.

You can use Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup for an easy way to add to your fruit smoothies in the morning or to take by teaspoon.

• Soothing wild cherry bark is well-known for respiratory support in winter. It is combined with additional North American classic herbs such as elecampane, horehound, hyssop, and mullein.

• Traditional botanicals from Chinese herbalism include loquat leaf, fritillaria, and platycodon.

• Echinacea, North America’s renowned wintertime treasure, is added to support internal defenses.

As you can see Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup has many different nutrients to help aid in the body’s health. The Cherry fruit is very beneficial as well but doesn’t contain all the ingredients that are obtained in the bark syrup.

If you are looking at an easy way to naturally boost the immune system and help fight winter time sickness, you can use what has been used for years – Wild Cherry Bark Syrup.  Most of the herbs in Old Indian Wild Cherry Bark Syrup are custom wild crafted in different parts of North America by experienced herbalists. The syrup is made by a multi-step extraction process, which ensures that the most valuable components of each herb are fully extracted into the syrup base. This extraction process is designed to capture the essence of each botanical.


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