How many calories do I need?

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How many calories do you need?

How many calories do you need?

Weight loss is not as easy as some magazines make it. When you walk through the market you begin to notice how each magazine has a new way to lose weight. What you will soon begin to realize is that many of these weight loss articles use calorie consumption to help people lose weight. So this brings to question, how many calories do I need to lose weight?

Calorie counting is an old fashioned way to lose weight, but it has its flaws. Some people don’t realize that eating calories that come from simple carbohydrates doesn’t help with losing weight. Simple carbohydrates break down quicker and if not used up right away can convert into fat. So when you are counting calories make sure that your calorie sources come from complex carbohydrates or no carbohydrates at all.

Another thing to be aware of when counting calories is that lifting weights builds more calories than cardio. If you are eating a low calorie meal you need to be aware of the catabolic state that you could put your body into. What many think is that if they eat less calories and burn more than they consume, then they will burn fat. This is not true! Your body feeds off of glucose, if your body does not have glucose (comes from calories) then it will begin to use muscle instead of fat as an energy source. This is why it is important to eat a healthy range of complex carbohydrates, proteins, and fatty acids.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to count calories, eat the amount you will burn but make sure that it is spread out throughout the day and specifically around your workout. Also supplementing with R-ALA, Carnitine, and Fish Oils will be a great help to you in cutting fat. R-ALA helps with restoring glucose while counting calories. Carnitine uses fat for energy allowing the body to burn fatter than if not taking carnitine. Fish Oils are a good fat, and is important in the process of burning fat and making sure that your body is still functional when cutting up.

Counting calories is a good way to lose weight but there are many things to be aware of when you do it. Make sure to continually listen to your body and use fruit for energy if you are feeling sluggish.

If you are trying to lose weight and want to count calories, eat the amount you will burn but make sure that it is spread out throughout the day and specifically around your workout. Also supplementing with R-ALA, Carnitine, and Fish Oils will be a great help to you in cutting fat. R-ALA helps with restoring glucose while counting calories. Carnitine uses fat for energy allowing the body to burn fatter than if not taking carnitine. Fish Oils are a good fat, and is important in the process of burning fat and making sure that your body is still functional when cutting up.

Eat more fruit

Eat more fruit









Counting calories is a good way to lose weight but there are many things to be aware of when you do it. Make sure to continually listen to your body and use fruit for energy if you are feeling sluggish.

The New Oxyelite Pro vs the Original Oxyelite Pro

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Are you a fan of the Original Oxyelite Pro Formula? Lucky for you, the original formula is still available!

And Now, there is a NEW Oxyelite pro as well.


Oxyelite - New vs Old























The biggest thing I remember about taking the Original Oxyelite formula was the intense hunger control.I had to actually remind myself to eat. It was a huge help in helping me go from 230 and pudgy down to 190 and starting to show some real muscle tone.

Oxyelite pro targets Subcutaneous Fat – This is the fat that covers your muscles. You know that pudgy area that you call a “gut”. No matter how many crunches or amount of cardio you do, this is the last place that you can get ride of unwanted  fat.

The last place to lose fat is the hardest to get rid of as well. Your stomach, or tummy, or love handles are areas that fat just seems to cling onto.

Why does this happen?

It’s because of the Alpha-2 receptor and if you are looking to lose fat then it is not your friend. The Alpha-2 receptor is responsible for inhibiting lipolysis, which means it allows the body to store fat and prevents the body from burning fat. A key component in  Oxyelite Pro has been shown to block off the Alpha-2 receptor.


How is the NEW Oxyelite Formula Different from the Original Oxyelite Pro?

The biggest difference in the New Formula is that it is DMAA (1,3 dimethylamylamine) FREE.They have removed the DMAA’s and increased the caffeine from 100mg to 135 mg. They have also
done continued research to block the Beta-2 and Alpha-2 receptor to provide optimal targeted fat burning to hit the areas that you need to lose most.

If you are trying to lose weight then the Original Oxyelite Pro and the New Oxyelite Pro are great formulas. If you are sensitive to stimulants then the New formula may be the choice for you but which ever formula you choose you can expect powerful thermogenic results like no other pill on  the market.



RIPPED JUICE EX2 by Betancourt Review

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RIPPED JUICE by Betancourt was first established in 2002 as being a euphoric fat burner. As time has passed Betancourt Nutrition continues to tinker with this formula and has finally come up with the strongest version yet. RIPPED JUICE EX2 is a potent thermogenic euphoric fat burner.

Buy Ripped Juice EX2

Get a free L-Carnitine with Ripped Juice Purchase


RIPPED JUICE™ EX2 Formula Highlights:

  • Utilizes the latest research on Nootropics (ingredients for attention,motivation and concentration) to create the most sustainedenergy/alertness experience available.
  • Provides caloric expenditure and thermo genesis you can FEEL. Never before has a fat burner been created that allows you to feel your body expending calories like this until now.†
  • Optimal appetite control: through the Nootropic effect you won’t have to succumb to your cravings. You will have control over when and what you eat which will be necessary to meet your fat loss goals.†

The Ingredients in Ripped Juice EX2 by Betancourt

N Acetyl Tyrosine: more bioavailable then tyrosine with a higher absorption rate. This leads to a lower dosage to receive the benefits of L-Tyrosine. Tyrosine is an amino acid required for the production of epinephrine and norepinephrine (adrenal hormones) as well as dopamine.† This is where the wonderful nootropic effect comes from. Being in a good mood has more than a positive effect than just a smile on your face. It can help with productivity and improve overall focus.

N Methyltyramine: Tyramine has been used in fat loss/energy products in the past because of its ability to slow the rate monoamine oxidase (enzymes that metabolize adrenal hormones). It’s methylated counterpart promotes superior adrenal effects.† Increasing Ft oxidation can help with the increase in fat used for energy, which will decrease fat cell size and improve overall physique.

Citrus aurantium: has been used for a long time in fat loss products because of its synephrine content which is shown to have lipolytic (fat loss) activity. Citrus aurantium was one of the first original proposed replacements for ephedra because it contained ingredients that were beta agonists and promoted thermogenesis. It contains Tyramine metabolites: N-methyltyramine, octopamine and synephrine.†

Green Coffee Bean (Chlorogenic Acid): The hype surrounding Green Coffee Bean is really a result of its chlorogenic acid content which is responsible for all the fat loss claims. Chlorogenic acid helps reduce glucose absorption in the body thereby leading your body to tap into its fat stores for fuel.† It has also been shown to help reduce cortisol, which in turn can help retain muscle mass while dieting.

Rauwolscine HCL: aka yohimbe HCL, targets visceral fat (fat that is stored in the ‘stubborn areas’ ex- buttocks, stomach and waist). It also acts as a central nervous system stimulant without the side effects normally associated with strong stimulants (ex- no crash or jitters).†

To call the new formula of Ripped Juice EX2 strong would be a serious understatement. I took it 30 minutes before my workout after drinking my protein shake. When I got to the gym my ears were burning. 5 minutes into my treadmill warm up my arms were tingling. During my workout I was Jazzed up and super motivated. If your current formula isn’t working for you and you want something that will kick you right in the butt – Try Ripped Juice EX2 by Betancourt.

†These statement have not been evaluated by the FDA.
This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

5 simple ways to lose weight without exercise

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5 ways to lose weight
Are you looking for a way to lose weight without having to exercise. I think alot of people are looking for this trick. Well, it’s not a trick and it’s not magic. It’s up to you and how much you really want it.

If life is too busy to get to the gym, then you may need help with losing weight. If these tips are done in conjunction with exercise they can improve weight loss, but exercise is not necessary..

Eat Vegetables – Vegetables are loaded with nutrition. The more colorful the vegetable the better is the rule of thumb. Often times when people think of antioxidants they think of certain fruits, but many vegetables have high antioxidants and also have fiber to help with weight loss. This happens by cleansing the blood of certain toxins that create stress hormones and can be harmful to the body. Eating vegetables can also help with the breakdown of proteins and other more difficult things that are hard for the colon to break down. When the breakdown of food is better it can help with the absorption of nutrients.

Green Coffee Bean – Some studies have shown that taking Green Coffee Bean before each meal can help cut unwanted pounds. Simply taking 500mg to 1000mg with each meal can help fight fat absorption. Green Coffee Bean has also been shown to help reduce cortisol which can help stop the body from absorbing fat because of stress and it also can help stop mood eating.

Lower Calories – One of the simplest ways to lose weight is to stop eating as much. A simple way to determine how many calories to eat is to figure out how many calories you naturally burn a day. If you are eating more calories than you are burning then you will add on the pounds, but if you are eating the same amount or less than what you burn in a day you can naturally lose weight. This does not mean you shouldn’t eat, but you should eat foods than are naturally lower in calories, but can still give energy.

CLA – This is another supplement that works without exercise. Though it is more effective when taken with an exercise program it is still an effective non stimulant weight loss supplement. CLA should be taken 1g with each meal. CLA helps with using fat for energy and blocks fat absorption when eating food. Because it is a natural fat it can also help with increasing natural energy levels, which is helpful while dieting.

High Fiber Foods – Fiber can be consumed from legumes, fruits and vegetables. Be careful that you do not eat legumes that are high in fat, though the fat isn’t always a bad fat it is still not functional to eat high dosages of fats. Fiber is helpful with cleaning the colon and it easy to fit into just about any diet.

These are five  simple ways to help you to lose weight. Of course there are many other ways to lose weight and I would like to add that making a conscious effort to take a walk everyday can really be beneficial. Also, taking fish oils or eating fish can be very helpful in losing weight. When supplementing, it is important that you check for purity. Not all Green Coffee Beans and Fish Oils are made the same, find one that use high percentages. When it comes to weight loss 80% of it is dieting. Set goals for yourself and document your progress for motivation. Hold yourself accountable for the progress you want to make or tell a friend about your plans for extra accountability.

Now, get out there and get started. Remember, Get fit and have fun doing it!

The Next Best Weight Loss Product – Capsicum Extract

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Fight Obesity

Over the years we have found that the United States is in a continual growth. I am not talking about a growth that is good, we as Americans are literally getting bigger or wider for a lack of a better word. This is sometimes because of genetics, but the majority of the time it is because of poor eating habits that are instilled as a child. The lack of understanding of how to cook and proper calorie consumption has somehow been lost. The quickest and easiest way to lose weight is to increase the amount of calories burned and make sure that this number is more than the calories that are consumed. Even those who eat poorly can still lose weight as long as they are eating fewer calories than what they are consuming.

Capsicum Extract – Increase Calories Burned

Capsicum Extract is pulled from the Red Peppers and is what gives peppers their hot flavor. Recently this extract has been pulled and purified and trademarked under the name Capsimax. Capsimax which is a pure form of Capsicum Extract has been shown to help increase the amount of calories burned by the body without having to perform exercise. It does this by increasing the body’s temperature.

Capsicum Extract – Reduce Hunger Cravings

Capsimax along with straight Capsicum extract has also been correlated to suppressing hunger. One of the hardest challenges when dieting is controlling already established eating habits. If you are able to control the amount of food that you consume and eat less while burning more calories this can help with weight loss. This being said it is still important to exercise while dieting.

Capsicum Extract – Improve Workout Performance

Capsimax is also very helpful when exercising. While exercising often the body begins to oxidize fat cells and decrease fat cells. Capsimax increases the amount of fat oxidation and helps to decrease fat cells during exercise. Using Capsicum Extract before workouts can help improve fat burning while also increasing the amount of calories that are burned during exercise and long after, all the while controlling the hunger cravings.

Products with Capsicum Extract:

BSN Hyper Shred – Is a energy and weight management dietary aid whose streamlined formula keeps the focus squarely on energy and metabolic support to help users elevate their overall physical performance and reach their fitness goals. The powerful effects of this supplement are delivered without the use of geranium oil extracts, setting HYPER SHRED™ apart from a number of its peers. Users can expect clean energy and training focus support without the potentially negative effects of more cluttered formulas.

Cellucor Super HD – This product combines potent nootropic compounds with powerful thermogenic ingredients to deliver an unmatched energy, focus, and ‘feel-good’ weight loss product. Super HD also utilizes potent, natural appetite suppressants to safely curb appetite and cravings and premier ingredients such as IFAS503 ™ and Capsimax™.

QNT RipTek – In a groundbreaking placebo controlled, double-blind study the subjects using the unique complex in Riptek™ Fat Burning Adipokine Stimulator were found to burn up to 12 X MORE calories and achieve greater increases in their metabolism before, during and after exercise. Not only did the subjects burn more calories for energy, but they also experienced greater oxygen uptake and greater air-flow through their lungs. Simply put, they were training harder, burning more calories, but the active compound in Riptek made it feel easier!


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