The NEW BPI Clinical Series

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The NEW BPI Clinical Series

BPI Clinical Series

BPI Clinical Series

BPI is one of the hottest and fastest growing Sports Nutrition companies in the industry and for good reason. They make extra strength and ultra concentrated supplements that produce results. Recently they have just unveiled their new Clinical Series. This includes: Beta Alkaline, Gluta Alkaline, Leucine Agma pH, and Creatine Alkaline. Each was formulated to help prevent the body from becoming acidic to help the efficacy of each product and for increased metabolization and absorption.

The first in this series is Beta Alkaline. This product was designed to allow you to keep pumping harder and longer. It helps to prevent your muscles from getting tired and quitting. The Beta-Alanine is bio-friendly, meaning the body can absorb it. This helps to create muscle carnosine which greatly increases muscle stamina and endurance. To make your muscles bigger, Glycerol was added. Finally, BPI added a patent-pending pH Balanced Alkaline-Producing System, pH-Sorb™.

BPI Beta Alkanine

BPI Beta Alkanine

Benefits of Beta Alkanine

  • Delays Muscle Fatigue and Failure
  • Enhances Muscle Volumization
  • Balances the Body’s pH Levels

The second in the series is Gluta Alkaline. This dietary supplement contains two forms of glutamine. According recent research, studies suggest that glutamine could be one of the most important amino acids which supports both cells and muscle metabolism. It is essential for muscle growth. The other form of glutamine can help increase glutamine levels within muscle tissue. The pH-Sorb ™ has also been added for optimal absorption.


BPI Gluta Alkaline

BPI Gluta Alkaline

Benefits of Gluta Alkanine

  • 2 Types of Glutamine
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Recovery & Endurance
  • Includes pH-Sorb ™ buffering technology

The third of the new Clinical Series from BPI is Leucine Agma pH. This contains two primary amino acids; Leucine and Agmatine. Leucine helps protect muscle mass and synthesizes protein. It is important to supplement with leucince because the body cannot produce its own, so it needs to be ingested from outside sources. Agmatine, a form of L-Arginine, is great for nitric oxide synthesis. This means that the blood vessels in the muscle relax allowing more blood to flow, more nutrient delivery, and enhanced energy production. The pH-Sorb™ has also been added.

BPI Leucine Agma pH

BPI Leucine Agma pH

Benefits of Leucine Agma pH

  • Increased Pumps
  • Builds Muscle
  • Anabolic Activity
  • Nitric Oxide Synthase

The final product in the Clinical Series is Creatine Alkaline. This product contains two forms of creatine; creatine monohydrate and creatine HCI. Although the benefits of creatine are well known, BPI added its pH-Sorb™ buffering technology. When creatine interacts with stomach acid, it becomes less effective. By having a less acidic body, this should help the creatine maintain its efficacy. Wise move BPI.

Benefits of Creatine Alkaline

BPI Creatine Alkaline

BPI Creatine Alkaline


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Size

BPI’s new Clinical Series Line is incredible, and with its added pH-Sorb™, these products are sure to become your favorite.

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

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Testosterone is what makes a man a man. As men age their testosterone levels begin to naturally drop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what some men need to know is that it depends how quickly testosterone drops in each man. A poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to low testosterone levels earlier than other men. If you are a male that lifts regularly and has a fairly decent diet, your testosterone levels will probably tapper off at the age of 25 or 26.

There are many supplements to choose from when it comes to testosterone boosters. For some time tribulus was the top product on the market that helped improve testosterone, but in recent years herbal testosterone supplements have increased in research and have found far more superior testosterone boosting supplements.

Activate by Driven Sports has been shown to boost testosterone as well as decrease estrogen conversion levels. Activate Xtreme is a unique testosterone supplement that has been designed to cover everything for men that are looking for a test booster. When you take Activate Xtreme you should look for three things; Raise Testosterone Levels, Boosted Libido, and Anti Estrogen Effects.


Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Testosterone Levels

Activate Xtreme uses Divanil to increase Testosterone production. Many companies use this product to help increase testosterone. Though it has been shown to help boost testosterone levels it has also been linked to helping improve physique.


Many testosterone boosters quickly shut down the male libido. Activate Xtreme has a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for years to make men be more confident in the bedroom, this may correlate over to being more bold when talking to ladies in the gym.

Anti Estrogen

Driven Sports was one of the first companies to bring Brassaiopsis Glumerulata extract to market. This ingredient has been shown to be an anti-estrogen but it works differently than others. Brassaiopsis Glumerulata helps to regulate estrogen; it doesn’t completely shut it down. You need a little estrogen to help with the natural production of testosterone. A decrease in estrogen levels will create a harder looking body.

Now you can see that taking Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports is a solid testosterone product for men. If you are a male that just started working out or is looking to get past some plateaus and you are over the age of 25 then you may benefit from Activate Xtreme.

What is the Best Creatine?

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Creatine is by far the most popular workout product on the market. Creatine Monohydrate is one of the most researched products with proven results. Creatine Monohydrate at one point was very grainy and didn’t mix very well, but now it comes in a very fine powder and works! You can find creatine in many different forms; some popular ones are Creatine Magna Power, Creatine Ethyl Ester, Creatine Citrate, and Creatine AKG. With so many options of creatine how do you know which one is best for you? Listed below are our top three creatine products. We chose these off of effectiveness and price.


Con Cret

Creatine HCl has become more and more popular because of its effectiveness. Con Cret is Creatine Monohydrate that is bonded to Hydrochloride (HCl). The reason why this is so effective is because the body breaks down HCl very easily and when it is bonded to creatine it leads to a faster more effective absorption rate.


Creatine RT

Not many people knew what Russian Tarragon was until Athletic Edge came out with it. Russian Tarragon is as effective as consuming 50 grams of carbohydrates without the negative side effects. Taking creatine with Russian Tarragon helps increase abosroption and makes create more effective. Creatine RT also use Taurine to help open up blood to make it more receptive to nitric oxide based products.



One of the most effective creatine supplements on the market. CarnoCre can be used when cutting and bulking. CarnoCre is often looked at as being a Beta Alanine product, but combining Beta Alanine with creatine helps produce a better creatine supplement. CarnoCre is not loaded with creatine but it does have a precise amount of creatine in it to help boost muscle performance.


These are our top three best creatine supplements. If you are interested in developing muscle and are tired of using Creatine Monohydrate, give one of these three a try.

The Best Post Workout Supplements

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Post workout drinks are used to help with recovery and maintain muscle fullness, allowing the anabolic window to last longer and feed the muscles more nutrition. Many post workouts vary on what they do and in ingredients, so we will be looking at the top three post workouts and explain why we think they are the best on the market.

Re-Con by Muscle Pharm

Muscle Pharm Re-Con

Our number one post workout is Re-Con. This product goes over and above with ingredients to assure maximum recovery. The idea behind Muscle Pharm Re-Con is to make sure that it loads you with enough carbohydrates and proper amino acids to help muscles recover faster. It also contains antioxidants to help repair muscles as well as restore blood. Along with maximum recovery it helps keep veins open so that the body is able to absorb more nutrients.

Benefits of Recon


  • Maximizes Post-Workout Growth and Repair
  • Optimizes the Post-Workout “Anabolic Window
  • Refuels Muscle Energy stores
  • Rebuilds Muscle Tissue
  • Replenishes Vital Nutrients
  • Boosts Immune and Recovery Mechanisms


Dark Matter by MHP

Buy Dark Matter

MHP Dark Matter is Loaded with 12 grams of protein and waximaize. 12 grams of protein may not seem like much but after a workout you want to make sure that you body absorbs all of the protein that you consume. Many times people will consume more protein than their body can process and this will lead to bloating and gas. Taking protein with waximaize helps with the absorption of amino acids and improves recovery time.

Benefits of Dark Matter by MHP


  • Dramatically Spikes Insulin with WaxiMAX-C3G
  • Multi-Phase HydroSIZE Creatine Transport
  • Replenishes Glycogen and Increases Cell Volume
  • Absorbs Faster Than Whey Isolate
  • 600% Increase in Protein Synthesis-Equal to 40 Grams of Protein


Size On by Gaspari

Best Post Workout

Gaspari Size On

Last but not least, Size On by Gaspari is one of the better Post workouts because it has protein, carbohydrates, and some creatine. Creatine isn’t bad when supplemented correctly and it gives good gains while improving recovery. Gaspari Size On also has 5 grams of leucine which is the most anabolic amino acid. Supplementing Leucine with other aminos helps increase amino acid absorption and promotes muscle growth.

Benefits of Gaspari Size On


  • Accelerate Protein Synthesis & Muscle Force Recovery
  • Increase Muscle Volume, Muscle Fiber Size, Cell Volume & Plasma Amino Acid Levels
  • Amplify S6K1 and 4E-BP1 Signaling and Hypertrophic mTOR Pathway Conduction
  • Initiate & Sustain Myogenesis and Muscle Recovery While You Are Still Training
  • Deliver Vital Nutrients, Essential Minerals, and Growth
  • Cofactors To Skeletal Muscle Tissue
  • Harnesses the Insulinotropic Power of Pterostilbene
  • Includes the never before seen LOLA™, our cutting-edge, amino acid salt L-Ornithine-L-Aspartate


These are our top rated post workouts. If you would like to learn more you can go to their pages and read up or you can try them yourself. Incorporating a post workout into your supplement regiment can help improve size and strength while increasing your ability to recover. If you want the best out of your workouts then you need the best post workout supplements.

3 Reasons why you should be using an Intraworkout

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Do you use an intraworkout?

For the typical gym rat there are only a couple of steps: workout, eat, sleep and repeat. I totally get this and loved those days when it was that simple. Lifting weights is a way of life for so many young gym goers, but many of them and other health enthusiast forget about some crucial supplementation. Most people know about the infamous preworkout and post workout. These two things have been pushed upon just about every person and advertised over and above almost as much as whey protein. Many people think of three things when it comes to supplementation – Whey protein, preworkout, and post workout. Though all of these are important I would argue that having one supplement may be more important than all three of those. All three of those products are important but they are not as crucial as the intraworkout.

Not all Intraworkout drinks are the same, so here is what to look for when it comes to finding the best intra workout. First, you need BCAAs, branched chain amino acids because they are essential to muscle growth. Make sure to find BCAAs that are 2:1 ratio or better and have at least 3g of L-Leucine in each serving. Second, you need electrolyes because hydration of the muscles is crucial during and after a workout. Lastly,  you need something that can help sustain energy and mood. There are many different ingredients that can help with this so it is up to your personal choice of ingredients when it comes to this.

Here are 3 reasons why you need an Intra Workout

  1. Intra workouts serve a greater purpose than just drinking during a workout. Intra workouts can be used before during and after. They are great at maintaining high nitrogen retention and muscle growth throughout the day and can be helpful for improving recovery time no matter when you take it.
  2. Intra workouts can be used in addition with a preworkout to help enhance the effects of the prewrokout. What many people don’t realize is that Intra workouts that contain BCAA and energy enhancers are very helpful when it comes to preworkouts. Intraworkouts can also be used instead of a preworkout if someone is sensitive to caffeine and doesn’t need the extra boost of energy before a workout.
  3. Intra workouts are helpful for any athlete. For any person who is looking to improve their current performance in the gym, the most important thing to be using is an intra workout. Preworkouts tend to get a positive push you because they are loaded with caffeine but not all are going to really help you with a workout. Post workouts are great but they are specifically designed for only drinking after a workout. The Intraworkout can help improve strength and recovery any time and most certainly during a workout.

If you are ready to get your hands on something that can really improve your lifts and fitness then it is time to start using an intraworkout. has a wide variety of intraworkout products that can help with all the things that are mentioned above.

Here are our top 3

    • Gaspari Aminolast
Best Intraworkout

Best Intraworkout

    • Beast Sports Aminolyte
Great Intraworkout

Great Intraworkout

    • ProSupps Aminolinx


Pro Supps means Quality

Pro Supps means Quality


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