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When you think of exchange do you think of fat being exchanged for muscle? WELL, YOU WILL NOW! ALR has developed a new product called EXCHANGE, shown to increase/ preserve muscle mass while dieting. Supplementing with EXCHANGE from ALRI you can take it while bulking or while in a cutting routine. The main ingredient of EXCHANGE is Ursolic Acid. Ursolic Acid can be found in apples and has been used for years.



Ursolic Acid Works!

When Ursolic Acid was tested it was found to:


  • Augmentation of lean muscle mass by way of increased sensitivity to IGF-1, insulin, as well as inhibition of atrogin-1 and MuRF1.
  • Increased muscle glycogen stores thus increase muscular recovery and performance potential.
  • Increased bone strength by enhancing IGF-1 activity and differentiation and mineralization of osteoblasts.
  • By inhibiting 11-bHSD-1 decreased visceral (abdominal) fat.
  • Decreased estrogen levels through aromatase inhibition.
  • By way of pancreatic inhibition of lipase and increased lipolysis in fat cells, decreased fat storage and increase fat burning.
  • Decreased conversion of blood sugar to fat by inhibition fatty acid synthase.
  • Decreased bad cholesterol and fat stores through the activation of PPAR.
  • Inhibition of inflammatory cytokins, IL-6, and COX-2 specifically.



One thing that ALR realized is that Ursolic is not as bio-available as it should be to get the results that are stated above, so they attached it to Oleanic Acid to help it be absorbed better. Oleanic Acid is a good product by itself and has been shown to fight free radicals and oxidative stress.

Supplementing with EXCHANGE can improve overall physique, whether you are dieting or bulking you can accomplish your goals. If you look at other Ursolic Acid products you will see that they don’t add the Oleanic Acid that helps with the overall reaction of Ursolic Acid.

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