5 simple ways to lose weight without exercise

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5 ways to lose weight
Are you looking for a way to lose weight without having to exercise. I think alot of people are looking for this trick. Well, it’s not a trick and it’s not magic. It’s up to you and how much you really want it.

If life is too busy to get to the gym, then you may need help with losing weight. If these tips are done in conjunction with exercise they can improve weight loss, but exercise is not necessary..

Eat Vegetables – Vegetables are loaded with nutrition. The more colorful the vegetable the better is the rule of thumb. Often times when people think of antioxidants they think of certain fruits, but many vegetables have high antioxidants and also have fiber to help with weight loss. This happens by cleansing the blood of certain toxins that create stress hormones and can be harmful to the body. Eating vegetables can also help with the breakdown of proteins and other more difficult things that are hard for the colon to break down. When the breakdown of food is better it can help with the absorption of nutrients.

Green Coffee Bean – Some studies have shown that taking Green Coffee Bean before each meal can help cut unwanted pounds. Simply taking 500mg to 1000mg with each meal can help fight fat absorption. Green Coffee Bean has also been shown to help reduce cortisol which can help stop the body from absorbing fat because of stress and it also can help stop mood eating.

Lower Calories – One of the simplest ways to lose weight is to stop eating as much. A simple way to determine how many calories to eat is to figure out how many calories you naturally burn a day. If you are eating more calories than you are burning then you will add on the pounds, but if you are eating the same amount or less than what you burn in a day you can naturally lose weight. This does not mean you shouldn’t eat, but you should eat foods than are naturally lower in calories, but can still give energy.

CLA – This is another supplement that works without exercise. Though it is more effective when taken with an exercise program it is still an effective non stimulant weight loss supplement. CLA should be taken 1g with each meal. CLA helps with using fat for energy and blocks fat absorption when eating food. Because it is a natural fat it can also help with increasing natural energy levels, which is helpful while dieting.

High Fiber Foods – Fiber can be consumed from legumes, fruits and vegetables. Be careful that you do not eat legumes that are high in fat, though the fat isn’t always a bad fat it is still not functional to eat high dosages of fats. Fiber is helpful with cleaning the colon and it easy to fit into just about any diet.

These are five  simple ways to help you to lose weight. Of course there are many other ways to lose weight and I would like to add that making a conscious effort to take a walk everyday can really be beneficial. Also, taking fish oils or eating fish can be very helpful in losing weight. When supplementing, it is important that you check for purity. Not all Green Coffee Beans and Fish Oils are made the same, find one that use high percentages. When it comes to weight loss 80% of it is dieting. Set goals for yourself and document your progress for motivation. Hold yourself accountable for the progress you want to make or tell a friend about your plans for extra accountability.

Now, get out there and get started. Remember, Get fit and have fun doing it!

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