Stop Stress and Anxiety with Phenibut XT

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Do you ever suffer from stress? Do you sometimes get social anxiety? Would you like to feel better and get restful sleep? Well, Phenibut XT could help these issues and more!


Phenibut, or beta-phenyl-gamma-aminobutryric acid, naturally occurs in the brain and is a derivative of the neurotransmitter GABA. Phenibut was first discovered in the USSR (now Russia) in the 1960s. Since its discovery, it has been used in Russia for the treatment of a vast array of ailments, including anxiety, insomnia, and post-traumatic stress disorder. In fact, phenibut is still a required part of a Russian astronaut’s medical kit. This is because phenibut can lower stress levels without impairing mental function or cause drowsiness like tranquilizers. Some literature suggests that phenibut actually improves awareness and concentration and is considered nootropic.


Phenibut is commonly used for

  • Anxiety (from stress or social enduced)
  • Improves Stress Levels
  • Insomnia & Restful Sleep
  • Improved Awareness & Concentration
  • Mood & Relaxation

Phenibut XT from Serious Nutrition Solutions is an incredible product now available in the USA. Russia has known about all its incredible benefits since the 60’s. The literature on Phenibut suggests that its effects are similar to a tranquilizer or narcotic, but without any of the negative side effects. People who have taken Phenibut XT have also said that the loss of their social anxiety is similar to drinking alcohol accept that it improves brain function. This single ingredient product has a wide range of uses and is cost effective! Good job on this one Serious Nutritional Solutions.


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The NEW BPI Clinical Series

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The NEW BPI Clinical Series

BPI Clinical Series

BPI Clinical Series

BPI is one of the hottest and fastest growing Sports Nutrition companies in the industry and for good reason. They make extra strength and ultra concentrated supplements that produce results. Recently they have just unveiled their new Clinical Series. This includes: Beta Alkaline, Gluta Alkaline, Leucine Agma pH, and Creatine Alkaline. Each was formulated to help prevent the body from becoming acidic to help the efficacy of each product and for increased metabolization and absorption.

The first in this series is Beta Alkaline. This product was designed to allow you to keep pumping harder and longer. It helps to prevent your muscles from getting tired and quitting. The Beta-Alanine is bio-friendly, meaning the body can absorb it. This helps to create muscle carnosine which greatly increases muscle stamina and endurance. To make your muscles bigger, Glycerol was added. Finally, BPI added a patent-pending pH Balanced Alkaline-Producing System, pH-Sorb™.

BPI Beta Alkanine

BPI Beta Alkanine

Benefits of Beta Alkanine

  • Delays Muscle Fatigue and Failure
  • Enhances Muscle Volumization
  • Balances the Body’s pH Levels

The second in the series is Gluta Alkaline. This dietary supplement contains two forms of glutamine. According recent research, studies suggest that glutamine could be one of the most important amino acids which supports both cells and muscle metabolism. It is essential for muscle growth. The other form of glutamine can help increase glutamine levels within muscle tissue. The pH-Sorb ™ has also been added for optimal absorption.


BPI Gluta Alkaline

BPI Gluta Alkaline

Benefits of Gluta Alkanine

  • 2 Types of Glutamine
  • Builds Muscle
  • Increased Recovery & Endurance
  • Includes pH-Sorb ™ buffering technology

The third of the new Clinical Series from BPI is Leucine Agma pH. This contains two primary amino acids; Leucine and Agmatine. Leucine helps protect muscle mass and synthesizes protein. It is important to supplement with leucince because the body cannot produce its own, so it needs to be ingested from outside sources. Agmatine, a form of L-Arginine, is great for nitric oxide synthesis. This means that the blood vessels in the muscle relax allowing more blood to flow, more nutrient delivery, and enhanced energy production. The pH-Sorb™ has also been added.

BPI Leucine Agma pH

BPI Leucine Agma pH

Benefits of Leucine Agma pH

  • Increased Pumps
  • Builds Muscle
  • Anabolic Activity
  • Nitric Oxide Synthase

The final product in the Clinical Series is Creatine Alkaline. This product contains two forms of creatine; creatine monohydrate and creatine HCI. Although the benefits of creatine are well known, BPI added its pH-Sorb™ buffering technology. When creatine interacts with stomach acid, it becomes less effective. By having a less acidic body, this should help the creatine maintain its efficacy. Wise move BPI.

Benefits of Creatine Alkaline

BPI Creatine Alkaline

BPI Creatine Alkaline


  • Enhanced Strength
  • Enhanced Size

BPI’s new Clinical Series Line is incredible, and with its added pH-Sorb™, these products are sure to become your favorite.

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

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Testosterone is what makes a man a man. As men age their testosterone levels begin to naturally drop. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but what some men need to know is that it depends how quickly testosterone drops in each man. A poor diet and lack of exercise can lead to low testosterone levels earlier than other men. If you are a male that lifts regularly and has a fairly decent diet, your testosterone levels will probably tapper off at the age of 25 or 26.

There are many supplements to choose from when it comes to testosterone boosters. For some time tribulus was the top product on the market that helped improve testosterone, but in recent years herbal testosterone supplements have increased in research and have found far more superior testosterone boosting supplements.

Activate by Driven Sports has been shown to boost testosterone as well as decrease estrogen conversion levels. Activate Xtreme is a unique testosterone supplement that has been designed to cover everything for men that are looking for a test booster. When you take Activate Xtreme you should look for three things; Raise Testosterone Levels, Boosted Libido, and Anti Estrogen Effects.


Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports

Testosterone Levels

Activate Xtreme uses Divanil to increase Testosterone production. Many companies use this product to help increase testosterone. Though it has been shown to help boost testosterone levels it has also been linked to helping improve physique.


Many testosterone boosters quickly shut down the male libido. Activate Xtreme has a natural aphrodisiac that has been used for years to make men be more confident in the bedroom, this may correlate over to being more bold when talking to ladies in the gym.

Anti Estrogen

Driven Sports was one of the first companies to bring Brassaiopsis Glumerulata extract to market. This ingredient has been shown to be an anti-estrogen but it works differently than others. Brassaiopsis Glumerulata helps to regulate estrogen; it doesn’t completely shut it down. You need a little estrogen to help with the natural production of testosterone. A decrease in estrogen levels will create a harder looking body.

Now you can see that taking Activate Xtreme by Driven Sports is a solid testosterone product for men. If you are a male that just started working out or is looking to get past some plateaus and you are over the age of 25 then you may benefit from Activate Xtreme.


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Deciding to go on a diet can be a complete change in lifestyle. People can find such a shift quite difficult, especially if they have never done something like it before. One should look to friends and people in their social circles for not only support and what to eat in a low carb diet, but also for tips on keeping the costs low.

Low Carb Diet – Tips

When one starts a no carb diet for the first time, it can be difficult deciding what to eat and buy. As a general rule, shop on the outskirts of the grocery store. This is generally where the whole foods are. However, there are plenty of low carb diet bars available.


EGGS- Eggs can be quite cheap and are little grenades of protein. Have scrambled eggs for breakfast or an omelet with veggies. Hard-boil them for a quick snack or chop them up, add celery, onion, and full fat mayonnaise. You can make your own mayonnaise by whipping eggs, salt, mustard, vinegar, and oil (try to use olive oil, cod fish liver oil, or melted butter).


NUTS and SEEDS- These are a convenient snack and great to add to salads. Although nut butters can be expensive, a jar of almond butter could last you a long time. Peanut butter is even cheaper and putting it on apples or celery will make you want to shell out a little more for this delicious snack.


low carb dietANIMAL- The big tip with animal protein is to cook it yourself. Ordering steak at restaurant could have you forking over a lot of money. Instead, have a barbeque and make a ton of leftovers. For convenience, shop for dried sausages like pepperoni or summer sausage. Being preserved allows for a longer shelf life, which can mean a cheaper price. Canned fish and frozen fillets can also be a wallet saver.



PROTEIN POWDER- Having whey protein drinks are quick and easy meals or snacks. Make sure you read the ingredients carefully because many protein shakes have tons of carbs to help gain body mass. However, there are plenty of low carb protein supplements available.



Having dietary restrictions, such as a low carb diet, will set you apart from the typical American diet. Cooking and preparing your own food can help you save a LOT of money. Remember, by going on a diet, you are not just changing your diet; you are changing your lifestyle. So, doing things different like carrying your own food and bringing your lunch to work is a part of it. This can also include going to different stores than you are used to.




Prices of food vary greatly depending on where you get them. Believe it or not, dollar stores can have an extensive produce and frozen food sections. In fact, I have seen the same package of pepperoni at a dollar store for 6 times as much at a regular grocery store. Dollar stores often change their stock too. Ethnic grocery stores are another place to get cheap food. Whether it is Middle Eastern, South American, Eastern European, etc. You can find great deals on produce, meat, and maybe find your next favorite canned food. Living in the southwest, I can get an avocado for a dollar or 5 for a dollar at a Mexican grocery store. Save money, give it a try!


Going on a diet does not have to be expensive, but it will take some careful considerations, research, and commitment. Doing anything is easy if you have a ton of money to throw away.  But, to empower yourself and maintain control over your life, it will take effort to change your lifestyle.

Need a Probiotic? -Friendly Flora Probiotics-

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What is intestinal flora?

Intestinal flora refers to the beneficial microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. Inside everyone’s digestive system are many different types of friendly flora probiotics that help us to break down food and fight off bad bacteria. Probiotics (“pro” meaning for and “biotic” meaning life) are these beneficial microorganisms that are found in such fermented foods as yogurt and sauerkraut. In fact, the World Health Organization defines probiotics as, “live microorganisms that when administered in adequate amounts confer a health benefit on the host.”  For millions of years, people of all different cultures have been taking friendly flora probiotics to promote overall health and to replenish these good bacteria. A key element to staying healthy is to keep our gut flora balanced.

When Can Probiotics Help?

Unfortunately, the modern-day lifestyle is often full of stress. Combine that with what we generally eat and natural aging, our intestinal flora can become extremely imbalanced. This imbalance is made worse when taking antacids or medications that affect digestion. If you have ever taken antibiotics, this completely wipes out and kills all the bacteria, good and bad. This wreaks havoc on the body’s natural balance of intestinal friendly flora.

Friendly Flora Probiotics

Thankfully, friendly flora probiotics are available that can help to replenish the destroyed intestinal flora. Restoring balance is vital to maintaining good health. In fact, Yale University has suggested that taking probiotics can be helpful in helping many different health problems including; irritable bowel syndrome, common infection, and even eczema! (

Taking Probiotics

Not too many people know or understand the importance of maintaining healthy flora. However, some people do eat yogurt or maybe take an L. acidophilus supplement. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these bacteria are killed in the stomach acid. Thankfully, a way to save the good bacteria has been invented. By using a pectin coating, scientists use a polymeric carbonate gel to protect the good bacteria. Called BIO-tract®, this gel then slowly digests offering a timed release probiotic. Further, the fibers in the gel are a prebiotic, meaning it gives the bacteria food so the bacteria can grow and multiply. Currently, BIO-tract® is only used in the probiotic supplement florALiv. However, florALiv is an incredible probiotic. Aside from it being slow-releasing, it also contains 10 strains of beneficial bacteria, instead of just one. Finally, florALiv has actazin, an extract from kiwi fruit which has been known to be incredibly beneficial to the gastrointestinal tract and its friendly flora.

For optimum health, you should consider the status of your intestinal flora and seriously consider taking probiotics. If you are going to take a probiotic, you should have one that is full spectrum rather than just one strain of good bacteria. Further, it should be a supplement that can protect the bacteria from the stomach acid. For all this, the best probiotic is florALiv.     


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Slow-releasing Probiotic


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