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Alli Pills

Buy Alli Diet Pills A Non-Prescription FDA Approved Weight Loss Aid with Orlistat!


While Alli itself is a fairly new entrant to the weight loss pills market, because of the favourable ruling by the American Food and Drugs Administration, the drug is widely available to the general public via a number of different outlets. Even though the drug is based upon Orlistat (which is not available over the counter), the reduced dosage and detailed clinical trials have allowed the unusual ruling by the FDA.

The FDA have been very careful in approving Alli for over the counter purchase, due in main to the chequered past of slimming pills and the potential dangers. Alli (also known as Xenical and Orlistat) has been thoroughly tested and is a lower dosage medication based upon Orlistat and Xenical. While Xenical is a very successful prescription weight loss pill, the higher dosage (when compared to Alli) did increase the impact of the general side effects.

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